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Welcome to

"Choose Your Life"

Whether you're young or older, you can always make the decision to change. How you have lived your life till now does not have to determine how you live your life from now on.
The choice is yours.
You will find on this site a brief introduction to some very powerful information about our earth life, the afterlife and their inter-relationship. It deals with channelled messages which dramatically conflict with traditional religious/spiritual beliefs.
This site began in 2008 as an adjunct to my new coaching career. It has slowly evolved over the years to reflect the development of my spiritual journey. This development has resulted from increasingly more certain information as I have researched more deeply. The new information has had a profound impact on my beliefs, my way of acting and my overall life. I consider that the changes have been enormously beneficial to me and to those with whom I interact.
I think that the original Business Name and logo are perhaps even more appropriate with this new direction. I am choosing daily how I live my life. You can choose how you live yours. But importantly, you can choose whether you are courageous enough to investigate new and different perspectives on the meaning of life and the afterlife - if there is one.
Much of what we believe and accept as true in life is just that - a belief. It is not necessarily true or factual. Political beliefs; Dr. A is better than Dr. B; vegetarian vs meat-eaters; cold climates are better than warm climates; country A is better than country B; sports team A is better than sports team B; one religion is better than another (there are thousands of religions in the world all claiming to have the Truth but none of them able to prove it).
All these are beliefs that are rigidly held by their adherents, who may defend the belief to the death. But there are just as many believers in the contrary opinion. The belief system you adopt tends to be a result of the environment you grew up in, and the people you mixed with. It is not based on absolute logic or scientific fact.
I consider that the information on these pages is all based on very strict logic and frequently on solid scientific fact. None of it is randomly chosen on a whim or a preference or because of environment, as it is with sports teams and political parties.
I hope you will explore some of the pages here. I know that the material might seem confrontational or "way out there", so I am sure that for some the content of these pages will be a challenge. If so, then perhaps you might ask yourself why: 
 - it could be fear - I have found that a huge percentage of people do not want to think of or discuss topics about life/death/afterlife - they are just too scary.
 - or a certainty that your own beliefs are true and complete (how do you know?). I think it would be very sad to rigidly believe something only to find at the end of your life that it was all wrong. Even if you are convinced of the truth of your views, it could be worthwhile to investigate contrary opinions that are well researched and seemingly logical.
 - or a lack of time/interest for such matters. I have come across a large number of people who will tolerate contrary opinions but are unwilling to investigate them in any depth. They seem to say "you believe what you like, but I'll stick with what I have.." even though what they believe can seemingly be shown to be incorrect or baseless.
I strongly suggest that you start with "The Logic" page,
then move to wherever your intuition takes you.
It might be wise to refresh your browser each time you visit this site
as I occasionally add and amend data. Last amended October 2020