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      Monsignor R H Benson (1871-1914) was the son of an Anglican priest, the then Archbishop of Canterbury. In 1895 he was himself ordained as an Anglican priest by his father. His father died the next year, and during the next several years Benson began to question the validity of the Anglican Church and began to look towards the Catholic Church. In 1903 he became a Catholic; the following year he was ordained as a Catholic priest.

      Benson was a highly educated man and a prolific writer. He wrote dozens of books, including many horror fiction, children's stories, plays, as well as apologetic books. His most famous book is "Lord of the World" - a prophetic look at the world of the 21st century. Another famous much-loved book is "Come Rack, Come Rope" - historical fiction about martyrdom.

      Anthony Borgia (1896-1989) was only 13 in 1909 when he met Monsignor Benson, but they remained firm friends till Benson's death five years later. It seems that the two continued to communicate while Borgia developed his skill as a Medium. Then, in the 1940's, Benson began dictating commentaries to his old friend now an accomplished medium. The thoughts of Benson were published in a series of books between 1942 and 1959. He describes in great detail life in the spirit world, but most particularly he goes to great pains to explain how his former religious beliefs were so totally wrong. He consistently and repeatedly criticises the Christian practices, creeds and beliefs. He is extremely keen to make amends for what he now regards as great errors in what he taught so effectively while a mortal.

      The writing style in the channeled books is remarkably similar to the eloquent, flowery style in the books he published before his death. The material agrees with much of the information coming from Padgett, and the many other messages received in the last 100 years. So, although there is no empirical proof that the channeled books are 100% reliable, we can surely presume that most of the information is accurate. Copies of the books are available for free via this site, or here.   

      Most Christians are vehemently opposed to even considering the possibility that their beliefs could possibly contain any errors. Yet we have who knows how many "Christian" churches all claiming that their version is the only "right" one. They cannot all be correct. Yet each is too pig-headed to allow for the possibility of error. There have been wars and massacres and other atrocities all committed in the name of "Truth". It is rather ironic that a lady in Mexico in September 2016 received a message from Jesus which says:

“Some people believe they have the absolute truth — that they know what is and what is not.
They do not realize that the truth in which they believe is determined solely by their
own beliefs, because of their particular experiences, because of what they have been taught, personally, and what they have seen and learned on their path through life. 

“However, a person born on the other side of the world in a completely different environment,
who was taught different things and who has lived through other experiences, has very
different beliefs to those of the first person, and may even be totally opposed in his or her beliefs. And yet, this person also believes he has the absolute truth.

“The only absolute truth is Love, the Love that comes from the Father and flows through Me.
And it is an unconditional love. Open your mind and heart to realize that what you believe
by your personal learning and experience is limited."


      I will now give a series of quotations from the the books published by Anthony Borgia, being the words of the deceased Monsignor Benson. You will notice that Benson goes to great lengths to disavow all the so-called religious "truths" which he so eloquently proclaimed while a mortal.


      "You must know one simple fact of spiritual knowledge: spirituality means light, the absence of spirituality means darkness. I am not speaking figuratively, but literally.


      Some have thought and voiced the opinion, that the descriptions I have given of the spirit world, are almost too good to be true. An ideal state, they would say, that is too wonderful to exist in actual fact. But the validity of my descriptions still remains, whatever adverse opinion or disagreement may be expressed upon them. I cannot alter the truth.

      There are many people that prefer to leave the whole subject of an ‘after life’ alone. These people regard it as an unhealthy subject, and treat the very thought of ‘death’ as morbid. If such people were truly honest with themselves they would admit that such a state of mind merely increases their fear of ‘death’ and the ‘hereafter’. The average earth-dweller has no notion what kind of place ‘the next world’ can possibly be, usually because he has not given much thought to the matter.


       Man is composed of body, soul, and spirit. The mind belongs to the spirit body. Every human experience, (thought, word, and deed), is infallibly and ineradicably recorded upon the subconscious mind via the brain. When man discards the physical body and passes into the realms of the spirit world he will find that what he called the subconscious mind reveals itself as a complete and perfect chronicle of its owner’s life upon earth.


      For thousands of years the generality of people have lived in entire ignorance of the truth of ‘dying’ and of the ‘hereafter’. And this causes fear – fear of the future following upon ‘death’ which has led man to surround the transition with so many mournful and morbid solemnities and doleful trappings. Orthodox religion is largely responsible for this state of affairs. The one who is mourned has gone to an unknown land where an omnipotent God reigns supreme, ready to mete out judgment to all who enter that world. Orthodoxy therefore urges us to do all that we can to placate this Great Judge, that He may deal mercifully with our departed brother. This demands the gravest demeanour, the most solemn behaviour – black garments, drawn blinds, ponderous solemnity, hushed voices, and countenances of exaggerated gloom.

      The spirit world disapproves of mourning in every shape and form. As a rule mourning is spurious and utterly selfish, because people are not sorry for the soul who has passed. The great majority of people are sorry for themselves at the physical separation, not happy and glad that their friend has gone to a greater, grander, more beautiful life.

      There is no such thing as resurrection of either the physical body or of the spirit body. There is simply a continuity of existence. The spirit body is given existence at the same time as the physical body. The earthly body comes to the end of its life; it ceases to function, and the spirit body is released and continues its life in the spirit world, in its proper element and its true home.

      In these realms you will find churches of most of the denominations which exist on earth. (Catholics are fully represented). A large number of souls are firmly wedded to their old earthly religious persuasion. Religious beliefs can take a very secure hold upon the minds of some persons and they are fully convinced that their particular beliefs are alone responsible for their being where they are, which they regard as ‘heaven’.

       Orthodox religion upon earth has much, very much to answer for. It forges many spiritual fetters which bind up the minds of countless souls upon earth, so that when they come here, we have to find means to strike off the irons that shackle them, to release them to that freedom of spirit which is the natural, right, and proper mode of living in these lands. When the earth becomes completely enlightened, all churches will cease to be repositories of creeds and dogmas.

       The spirit world is a world of thought, where thought is the great creative power, and where thought is concrete and perceivable by all spirits. Thought may be invisible to the majority of earth dwellers but it is very much visible to spirit folk.

       I cannot but feel sympathy with the generally accepted idea of ‘heaven’ where ‘the company of the blessed,’ are doomed to spend the whole of eternity singing hymns and other spiritual songs.


       The role of ‘martyr for the faith’ (or martyr for any cause generally) is a profitless and thankless one as seen in the light of spirit truths and spirit laws. Although such a person’s intentions were of the best, if his views were mistaken, then he gains no spiritual reward in the shape of a ‘heavenly crown,’ – except insofar as he lived a good life in the service of others.

      Could that illustrious soul (Jesus), who spoke to one small corner of the earth nearly two thousand years ago, have ever foreseen or imagined in what manner his words would have been written down, distorted, and later become the material for hundreds upon hundreds of contending religious parties, sects, and denominations? 

      The word ‘sect’ is a familiar one to you. It is the habit on earth to address by that title other religious bodies as a means of showing the speaker’s own religious superiority, and at the same time expressing contempt and disapproval of another denomination.      


      Christianity is subdivided into almost numberless individual churches, with a corresponding profusion of perplexing doctrinal contentions.

       When I was upon earth I belonged successively to two denominations, the two principal ones of my native land {Anglican & Catholic}. Even that statement would be challenged by the parties concerned for neither would acknowledge that the other was the chief. In the second of these two bodies I was re-ordained priest, and so remained until I passed into the spirit world.


      Before I seceded from the first to the second, I went through the usual ‘soul-searching,’ found that I was profoundly dissatisfied with things as they were, and was ‘received’ into what I fondly believed was the one true Church. That brought me a measure of happiness, or at least contentment of mind. It was not till I arrived here at my dissolution that I saw that I had perturbed myself unnecessarily in the first instance for neither of the two churches to which I had given my services as a minister was in possession of the truth. That raises a particular point in this subject of the true religion.


      Many folk on earth contend that no one religion does or can possess all spiritual truth, but that each religion has some truth in it. That statement leads to very great difficulties. There are hundreds of religious denominations. How is one to recognise the truth in any given one? Is there any test; any criterion?


      One hears much talk about Christian unity. I often wondered why the Churches could not unite. When I seceded, I knew the answer (as I thought): mine was the one true Church, and infallible. How could truth be joined to error. All the other religions were in a state of schism or heresy, or both.


      How poor, puny, and petty that all seems now. When I entered these spirit lands, I found the real, absolute truth. In my secession from one church to the other, I now found that I had only exchanged one form of shadow for another. Neither church had the Truth.


      Is not the intelligence of the Supreme Being grossly underrated when certain irrelevant interpolations are made in the various religious services? If the Ten Commandments emanated from God can it afford Him any pleasure, therefore, to hear them recited in numerical order as part of the liturgy in His worship?


      The conclusions to be drawn from the openings of all prayers is that God must be placated and appeased by fulsome adulation, and that they must be terminated by references to theological doctrine whose obscure meaning must leave those who utter the prayers in extreme doubt as to the purport of what they are saying.

The claim that God is all love is largely contradicted by the numerous begging appeals against the visitation of all manner of calamities, of which, it is to be supposed, He is the source, and for which no rationally minded person on earth has ever been able to perceive the just cause.


      Orthodox religion is founded upon a series of dreadful errors, the most outrageous of which is the monstrous idea of the nature of the Father of the Universe.


      The church of the present time is much concerned with affairs of the earth as they affect it ecclesiastically; but the great world of the spirit is woefully neglected. The one institution on earth which, by virtue of its very claims and functions, should be most actively in communion with us is cut off and separated from us. The whole Christian Church is in a state of ‘schism’ with us of the spirit world!


      The church on earth at these present times is worn out because it has nothing to offer any thinking man or woman but lifeless doctrines. Indeed, the church itself is lifeless despite the appearance of activity that is to be observed. We of the spirit world can tell you unequivocally that  the churches have failed.


      True religion is not a matter of pious exercises and grandiloquent prayers spoken in a false, affected voice. Organised religion should know the truth about two worlds, the earth world and the spirit world. Instead, it tolerates what is patently wrong. It teaches and preaches a tissue of spiritual errors so far removed from the truth as to be fantastic and ludicrous.


      The church has tried to suppress the light wherever it shone forth as a gleam of truth, and preferred to go upon its old way steeped in error.


      The spirit world has been in existence for countless millions of years of earthly time. The laws that govern the spirit world are of a similar age. These laws have remained constant, unvarying, invariable, and in absolute continuity of existence and operation throughout this colossal period of time.


       Man, as he now is, was not created upon the instant, as the Church teaches, in the image and likeness of his Creator. He was slowly and steadily evolved from a lower order of creatures. The Paradise of Eden is the best attempt at an explanation of the ‘creation’ of man that man himself could evoke. But some explanation was necessary as to why this earthly paradise was not still flourishing, and so there was invented the utterly nonsensical and completely false doctrine of the Fall of Man, and that from this fall the whole of mankind is for ever tainted with original sin.

       The Prince of Evil—no, he simply does not exist.


      Religiously speaking, man has divided his existence so far into two epochs—Christian and pre-Christian.

For many hundreds of earthly years the New Testament has been claimed to be the inspired word of God. Opinions differ upon this one point, but there is even greater difference of opinion about the contents of the gospels.


      What has been set down in the four gospels is but a tiny fraction of the great body of teachings that was originally given forth. They have been inaccurately set down. They were not—and are not—the inspired word of God. They have been mistranslated, misinterpreted, suffered interpolations and distortions, and they have been tampered with until it seems more than remarkable if a vestige of the truth can remain.


      The New Testament is a collection of manuscripts supposedly containing the many acts and words performed and spoken during Jesus’ short life on earth, together with his teachings. From this, there has been built up a vast theology, so abstruse, so complex, so incomprehensible that no man can explain it, and so controversial that scores of distinct and separate and opposed religious sects have arisen; and  each claims to be the only true means of the soul’s ‘salvation.’


      When I came to live in the spirit world, I found that the whole of my Catholic theological ‘knowledge’ was completely in error. The ‘Wrath of God’ is a stupid and wicked fiction. Jesus, was killed violently and shamefully by the people of earth. Supposedly this was an act of expiation to the Eternal Father for the wrath He felt – a blood sacrifice of His only son! Such beliefs as these are primitive and barbaric, and monstrous.

To teach that one great soul should suffer all that Jesus did in order to save the world from ‘damnation,’ and to teach that this same tragedy should be demanded by the Father, to appease His wrath, is not only revolting in itself, but it is far, far worse: it is the grossest libel, the greatest defamation, against the nature and essence of God.


      Entrance to the spirit world is gained in one way only—through the ‘death’ of the physical body. No person or persons can assign a single soul to any other place in the spirit world than that which that soul has merited for himself. He cannot be saved through the intermediation of another.


      Since this is the case, of what use is the constant repetition of elaborate creeds and the perpetual reiteration from dismal and protracted formularies? There is no magic formula which can assure a safe journey to the spirit world and procure a salubrious destination. Our merits alone will provide those.


      The many orthodox religions that have sprung up during the course of the past two thousand years are all of them completely out of touch with the realities of the spirit world. They are all of them based upon entirely false values and conceptions.


      Some religious bodies lay stress upon the ‘saving power of Jesus’. They claim that none can be ‘saved’ except they be saved through him. This is utter nonsense, and completely at variance with the Truth that we know here.


      There is no saint nor other person who can assist us to escape the consequences of our incarnate life. We must pay ourselves alone. Membership of any Church will avail us not one fraction. We are each and every one of us responsible for our own misdeeds.


      To Jesus, in virtue of his deified position, are attributed the most outrageously impossible functions and attributes. The whole doctrine of the incarnation is one of the most fantastic inventions of the theologians of past centuries on earth.


      What the New Testament contains has no meaning whatever when viewed in the light of our knowledge of the spirit world and of spirit life in general. The untruth is not of Jesus, but of his chronicles and subsequent transcribers. When we try to give some clear meaning to what obviously sounds preposterous as it stands, we find that the sense of the original has been so altered in many cases that words, in their ordinary, everyday use, have almost ceased to have any meaning. Theologians have become adept in twisting words beyond all recognition of their true import.


       What causes perhaps the widest departure from the truth is the work of interpolators that has been carried out through the whole length of the four gospels. The misadventures which the Scriptures have suffered at the hands of the recorders, transcribers and translators have given rise to the large company of theologians who have strenuously endeavoured to make spiritual sense of what is utterly meaningless.


      People speak freely and loosely of the will of God when loved ones have died and are thenceforth silent. They say it is the will of God that such suffering should come upon those left behind on earth. What an infamous imputation it is to the Father of Heaven that He should deliberately plan matters so that vast unhappiness should thus be caused throughout the earth!


      It was not intended that an impregnable barrier of silence should be erected between the people who have passed into the spirit world and the people who are still upon earth. The means have always existed for a natural and normal and happy intercourse between the two worlds to be enjoyed by the inhabitants of both worlds.


      But so many of the minds on earth world regard the very thought of direct communication between the two worlds as rubbish, not proven, unhealthy, morbid, and even plain madness—according to their great wisdom.


      The orthodox Churches uphold such people in all their objections. At the same time, they persist in promugating obscure beliefs, elaborate religious performances, and a set of doctrines based on fear.

We in the spirit world can see that most religion is itself nothing but sheer superstition.

God is regarded upon earth as the Great Dread Judge of all mankind. We know that to be a completely fantastic (false) conception.  No base thought, word or action can in any way offend the Father of the Universe. The idea that man is constantly offending God is crude. A similarly crude notion is that God inflicts punishments. Let me say: from the Father of the universe can come nothing, which is not of the highest and greatest good. He judges no one.


      Such beliefs are relics of pure paganism, but this wicked fiction has been kept up and disseminated by the Churches of earth as a measure of inspiring fear into the hearts of their ‘faithful.’ Fear is the strongest weapon, the deadliest weapon, in the theological armoury."


Note from Chris:  There are approximately 40 known distinct and different Christian religions in the world (See Wikipedia).

But there are over 41,000 different Christian Organisations. Many thousands of these are in Africa and are simply churches in different regions or countries. Others are simply the different branches of the same church - e.g. the Lutheran Church of Germany and the Lutheran Church of Australia. Whereas the Catholic Church is unified throughout the world.

So some statistics will show a great disparity in the numbers of churches, and it is necessary to recognise the different ways of counting.

It is possible that there are many hundreds of Christian religions that have differences in beliefs but the primary beliefs are the same and the differences would be minor.

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