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Messages Confirming Identity or content




These messages are from spirits who wish to assure Padgett that the previous spirit who wrote was who it claimed to be. Or they confirm that the content of a message is accurate and should be believed, even if it seems to contradict previous beliefs.



14-15 September 1914: Ann Rollins: Mr. Padgett's grandmother, a Celestial Spirit, reassures Padgett that it was truly Jesus of the Scriptures that spoke and wrote to him a few days previously.


I am here, your grandmother:


.... He (Jesus) is the truest son of God as I have found in my life here. He is not a saviour of the merely churchman, but of them who have received the New Birth of the Spirit ... He was with you on Saturday night and he talked to you. I am well acquainted with him and often see and converse with him, so I know that he was the true Christ of the Scriptures. He was only trying to let you feel that he is interested in your spiritual welfare, and you must believe that he was with you. 


... The New Birth is the flowing of the Spirit of God into your soul and the disappearing of all that tends to turn your heart from the truth and Love of God. It comes by the workings of the Holy Spirit that conveys the Grace of God. It is not a working of your own will or power - it is the Love of God that causes the change. You cannot of yourself change the evil workings of your heart but you can pray and the Holy Spirit will come into your soul and then you will realize the change.


The Spirit is the power of God which he uses to influence men to seek His Favor and Love. It is not God Himself, but only one of His instrumentalities with which he works for the salvation of mankind. And pray for the Divine Love with earnest sincere prayer.


Yes, Jesus is the teacher, and the Holy Spirit is God's messenger or instrument that carries into the soul the Divine Love that is bestowed on the truly penitent man. 


24 September 1914: Jesus: says he is not God and explains salvation


I am here, Jesus ..... Let me show you that the things of this world are not the things that save the soul ...  (for fuller text see link above "Interesting 1")


Three confirmations:

John Padgett (Ned's father): ...Jesus - the one of the Bible - was with you .... You must believe that it was he. No, it was the true Jesus. No impostor could have written as he did.

Ann Rollins (grandmother): You were talking to Jesus. I know for I was here, and have talked with him many times.

Ann Padgett (mother): It was the Christ who was talking. He is your friend and saviour.



29 March 1915: Judge Frank D. Syrick: Admits that what he was told before death was correct. He died about February 1915. (This message is repeated in "Confirmation").


I am here, Syrick:


I am your late friend and brother in spiritualism. Yes, your wife wishes me to realize that I am living as a spirit.


Well, old friend, the uncertain has become certain and I know now that spirits can and do communicate with mortals. Let any doubts that you may have leave you and believe with all your heart that you have received the messages as you have been informed.


So with my kindest regards and best wishes, I am

your true friend,






3 April 1915: Jesus:  assures James that it is he who writes


I am here, Jesus.


I know that what you say is true, but it is I, Jesus, the man who was crucified on Calvary, that comes to you and writes. These persons who will not believe this fact, will some day become convinced.


I am with you, as I have told you, because I have work for you to do, and also because I love you very dearly. So you must not doubt me in any way; and if you do not (doubt), you will soon see from my messages, and also from your own spiritual development, that I am the Jesus that I represent myself to be. So believe in me and you will be happier and prosper in every way. I want soon to commence my messages again. Yes, you will soon be in condition, and then we will continue our work. ....


So, I will now say goodnight.


Your true brother,




26 September 1915: Jesus: Insists that he has knowingly chosen Padgett.


I am here, Jesus.


I am the Jesus who is the true son of God, and am closer to Him than is any other spirit, and know the extent of His Love and power to a greater degree than does any other spirit; and I tell you with the authority that my love and knowledge gives me, that I know that you consider your unworthiness as the great stumbling block to the performance of my work, but if I say that you are worthy, you have no right to say otherwise, or to feel that I am mistaken in choosing you, or that you are being deceived in this communication.


I am Jesus, the chief of the Heavenly World which my Father has given me, and there is none to gainsay or prevent what I do or determine to do. This you must believe, and on that belief guide all your acts. So forever hereafter, know that I have chosen you for my disciple of this New Revelation.


But with the acquiring of this faith also acquire more of the Divine Love of the Father, for this is the great power which will develop you into the disciple that I intend you to be. Pray to the Father and trust me, for my love for you is without limit. 


I have written this emphatic and authoritative message to you tonight, that you may know that there is no uncertainty that I, Jesus, have chosen you, and you must not again doubt that your mission is as I have told you.


With all my love and my blessings,

I am, Your brother and friend,





26 September 1915: Helen: Affirms that Jesus wrote and showed his glory.


I am here, Helen.


Well, sweetheart, you have had some wonderful messages tonight, all confirmatory of the fact that the Master has chosen and confirmed you to do his work.


But oh, my dear Ned, to think that you are the object of the Master's choice and his great love.


Love me as I do you,

I am your own true and loving,




27 September 1915: Various spirit affirm the reality:


John: Affirms that Jesus showed his glory, power and authority.


I am here, St. John, Apostle of Jesus.


I am here again so soon, because I want to help you believe in what the Master wrote you.


I know it is difficult for you to believe that the communication actually came from Jesus, but I must tell you that he wrote the message, and that what you received and wrote he actually said, and in doing so he was the king as well as the loving savior who heretofore appeared to you as the loving and kindly brother that he is.


You must not doubt that he wrote you just as you received it.


When he told you that you must doubt no longer as to your being selected for this work, he was a magnificent spirit in his aspect of power and authority, and we who saw him as he told you these things, knew that he was Jesus.


His presence was that of a very god, for he seemed possessed of all power and authority as well as of love and grace.


The spirits who were present and who had never seen these qualities of his nature displayed before, were awe struck, and fell to their faces because of the exceeding brightness of his countenance and the glory of his power which illuminated his whole being.


Never before had those spirits who were present when he wrote you, seen the wonderful and inspiring appearance which he then showed.


I will not write more tonight.

With my love and blessings, I am your brother in Christ,




A. G. Riddle: Amazed after seeing Jesus showing such brightness and power.


I am here, Your old partner.


I am in such a condition of wonderment over what took place when Jesus was writing to you last night. I want to say that what happened was to me the greatest revelation as to the attributes of Jesus that I have seen since I have been in the spirit world.


When he wrote to you in his emphatic and authoritative manner, he became transformed into such a being of light and glory and power that none of us could look upon his countenance, and we had to fall upon our faces to hide the brightness of his presence. I tell you it was a wonderful evidence of his greatness and power. Never before had I seen him clothed in such brightness and power. He was always the most beautiful and bright and magnificent of all the spirits, but never was there displayed in him before those appearances.


I am so glad that I saw him as he appeared when he wrote, because now I have some conception of what the glory and grandeur of the high Celestial Heavens and their inhabitants must be.


I will not write more to night.

I am your old partner,




Ann Rollins: Affirms that Jesus wrote and showed his glory and power.


I am here to tell you of my Master's glory. Until last night we had never seen this great brightness and glory.


I am in the Celestial Spheres, but he never before displayed the wonders of his love and powers to me or to others in my sphere, and neither to those in the lower spheres. But last night - oh, the glory of it - he came to you to write and in doing so, when he told you what your mission is, he assumed the authority and power which are his, and there came into his countenance and very being that wonderful glory and brightness which made him a being from other spirits, apart.


I have seen the glories of the Celestial Spheres in which I live, but they are as a mere shadow to the glory that surrounded and came from the Master when he appeared as I say. We were spellbound, and could look upon him but for a moment only.


I cannot describe to you his grandeur and brightness, but your sun would appear as a pale moonbeam in his presence. And how thankful that I saw him as he is, for it shows me what must be the wonderful glory and beauty of the sphere in which he lives.


When I think of all the wonderful things that have centered around you in your communications with the spirit world, I simply have to wonder in amazement, and think why such things should be. The only explanation that I can give is that you are the special object of the Master's desire to have his work on earth carried forth in the way that he has declared.


My dear son, you must not doubt again. Your call is certain and you must believe. And let me say further, you must make it a work of love.


Pray to the Father for faith and you will get it.

I cannot write more to night, as I want to think of the wonderful scene of last night.

Your own true and loving Grandmother




R. G. Ingersoll: Saw the power Jesus displayed. Agnostic no longer – now a believer.


I am Ingersoll, and I am not the agnostic any longer, but the most repentant believer, and one who now knows that Jesus Christ was and is the son of God to the fullest meaning of the word.


Oh, how glad I am that I came to you when I did. For if I had not been with them I would not have witnessed the scene of last night. Well my dear friend, such a scene as I witnessed last night was never witnessed on earth, except at the transfiguration on the Mount.


I had seen the Master a number of times, the most beautiful and loving of all spirits, yet I had no conception of the attributes which he displayed last night.


And what must I think of you, to be selected for the work, and having that selection ratified by an occasion that made all the spirits present tremble with awe at the glory and power which were displayed by Jesus.


As I said, I was present, and observed him as he wrote to you, and also what he wrote, and as he proceeded and you doubted the possibilities of such things, and even to doubt if Jesus was really writing to you, there came into his countenance a wonderful look of authority and power and then the more wonderful brightness that outshone the noonday sun, and upon which none of us could look, and we fell prostrate.


Oh, I tell you, the power which emanated from him was beyond all conception, and the wondrous authority that appeared in his whole being was not possible of being withstood by either spirits or mortals - and we were filled with awe and admiration.


When he had finished writing, the glory and brightness that I describe, left him, and he again appeared the humble loving but beautiful Master.


So now I say to you that Ingersoll is no longer an agnostic, but a believer in the Father's Divine Love and in Jesus Christ his beloved son, and the Way and the Truth and the Life.


I will not write more to night.

Well, thanking you for your kindness I am,

Your friend,






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