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These messages deal with information either interesting in itself or given by
persons (spirits) of unusual interest.




24 September 1914: Jesus: says he is not God and explains salvation


I am here, Jesus ..... Let me show you that the things of this world are not the things that save the soul ... It is the flowing of the Holy Spirit into the soul of a man ... It is not the workings of the man's own will but the Grace of God. 


I was the instrument in God's hands of leading men to His favor and Love. When I said "I am the Way, the Truth and the Life," I meant that through my teachings and example men should be able to find God. I was not God and never claimed to be.


The trinity is a mistake of the writers of the bible. There is no trinity - only one God, the Father. He is one and alone. I am His teacher of truth, the Holy Spirit is His messenger and dispenser of Love to mankind. 


When on earth, I was the only son who had, until then, become vested with the Divine Love of God to the extent of being wholly free from sin and error. 


I was born as you were born. I was the son of Mary and Joseph, and not born of the Holy Spirit as it is written in the Bible. I was only a human being as regards my birth and physical existence. The account in the New Testament is not true, and was written by those who knew not what they wrote. They have done the cause of God's truths much injury.


Three confirmations: all following immediately after Jesus wrote.

John Padgett (Ned's father): ...Jesus - the one of the Bible - was with you .... You must believe that it was he. No, it was the true Jesus. No impostor could have written as he did.

Ann Rollins (grandmother): You were talking to Jesus. I know for I was here, and have talked with him many times.

Ann Padgett (mother): It was the Christ who was talking. He is your friend and saviour.





24 January 1915: Jesus: Says he is not God, explains his mission; these messages are the "New Gospel".


I am here, Jesus.


When I was on earth I was not worshiped as God. I did not proclaim myself to be God, neither did I permit any of my disciples to believe that I was God.


I was not different from other men, except that I possessed to a degree this Love of God, which made me free from sin. No man who believes that I am God [knows] the truth, or is obeying the commandments of God by worshiping me. Such worshipers are blaspheming and are doing the cause of God and my teachings great injury.


I am only a son of my Father as you are, and if you will seek earnestly and pray to the Father with faith, you may become as I was then, and am now.


The Father is Himself, alone. There is no other God besides Him. I am His teacher of truth, and am the Way, the Truth and the Life.


But not withstanding my teachings, men and those who have assumed high places in what is called the Christian Church, impose doctrines at variance with the truth. ... these men must be taught to know that the teachings of these professed authorities are all wrong, and they are in error when they refuse to believe in God and my teachings. 


No man can come to the Father's Love, except he be born again. This is the great and fundamental Truth which men must learn and believe, for without this New Birth men cannot partake of the Divine Essence of God's Love. This Love comes to man by the workings of the Holy Ghost, causing this love to flow into the heart and soul.


Let not men think that by any effort of their own they can come into this union with the father, because they cannot. 


I came into the world to show men the way to this Divine Love of the Father ...


I will continue to tell you the Truths which will be "my New Gospel to all men," ...


With my love and blessings I close for this time.





13 April 1915: Prof Joseph Salyards: Laws of the spirit world (he died about 1913).


I am here, Prof. Salyards....

As you know, I have been here for a comparatively short time, ... and I find that I have limited knowledge of the laws, and much of my information has been gathered from other spirits who have lived here a great many years ...


My knowledge of spiritual laws when on earth was not very extensive, and I found, when I came into the spirit world, that I did not know much more than I did before I came; and such is the experience of every spirit. But, ... I discovered that my capacity for learning was greatly increased, ... because the mortal brain, is, when compared to what you might call the spirit brain, a thing of much inferior quality...


The first and most important law ... is that man continues to live in the spirit world without his earthly body. This great law ... to me, was not known, as I ... had never given any study to the subject.


The next great law that I learned is, that no man can of his own power make his condition or position in the spirit world just what and where he would have it be. ... many spirits ... think that all they have to do is to exercise a little will power and they can move from certain conditions. But this is not true.


So ... if the help did not come from without, he would never be saved from the condition which he finds himself in, when he enters the spirit world. ... [although] progression is a law of the spirit world ... progression depends upon the help that comes from outside the mind or soul of man. Of course, man has to cooperate ...


Another law of the spirit world is, that when a spirit once commences to progress, that progress increases in geometrical progression.


So you see that the great problem is to make the start; and this principle will apply to mortals as well as to spirits... Of course, this means that a correct start be made. If the start be ... based on things other than the truth, ... there may have to be ... a new start made, in order to get on the right road.


And this applies to the progress of the mind as well as to the progress of the soul. The mind of a mortal learns many things which seem to be the truth. But the spirit life, that mind may find that its basis of knowledge was all wrong. And frequently, the retracing of that mind and the elimination of errors, is more difficult and takes a longer time to accomplish, than the learning of the truth does.


So sometimes the mind of great learning ... is more harmful, and retards more the progress of man in the acquirements of truth, than does the mind that is without preconceived ideas of what the truth is.


This unfortunate experience exists to a greater extent in matters pertaining to religion than to any other matters. ... It is much easier to teach the agnostic, or even the infidel, of these truths, than the hide-bound believer in the dogmas and creeds of the church.


So, I say, let the minds of mortals be opened to see the truth, when it actually is presented to them.


Another law is, that the mere fact of living as a spirit, does not of itself prove that such spirit is immortal. ........

With all my love I am,   Your true friend and professor,





3 May 1915: Prof Joseph Salyards: Laws of the spirit world continued.


I am here, Professor Salyards.


The next law is: That no matter how much knowledge of material things and of purely physical laws a man may have, his knowledge is not sufficient to fit him for the higher things of the spirit life.


Many men think that because they have this great knowledge of the material universe, they need not attempt to learn the laws which control the operations of spirit life ...This is a very great mistake, and all human beings, sooner or later, will realize the necessity of learning these more important laws of the soul development ...


I would, therefore, advise every man to give his best endeavor to the study of these laws of the soul's development. ...


...another law  is, that no man can, of himself, save himself from the penalties of the Law of Compensation. This Law cannot be avoided under any circumstances, except one, and that is the redemption of a man's soul by the Love of the Father entering into it. ....


I know it is the dogma of some churches, that the blood of Jesus cleanses from all sin -  but you must not believe this, for it is not true. ....


Another law of the spirit world is that every human being has, on earth or in the spirit world, one who is his soulmate. Before they took on the form of flesh, they were united, and at some time, after they become spirits, will come together again.


I am, your old professor and friend,





25 May 1915: Jesus: The real truth of the life on earth, and what it means to mortals.


I am here, Jesus.


I desire to write on the subject of, "The real truth of the life on earth, and what it means to mortals."


There is in all men the potentiality of becoming a part of the Divine Essence, but in order for them to partake of this Divinity they must let the Love of the Father enter into their souls and make them at-one with Him.


The natural love, of itself, is not sufficient, because it was merely intended to enable them to live in a good and harmonious way with their fellowmen.


The earth is the great plane of probation, and the development of the souls of men depends upon their correct living.


Merely good deeds are not sufficient. [there] must be the soul's development, … deeds form a part of this development.


Men must love one another, and must of course, "do unto each other as they would be done by." If this rule of conduct was observed men would be much happier on earth, even if they do not possess the Divine Love that I speak of.


No man can of himself become filled with this Love, for in only one way will it come: and that is by prayer to the Father for its inflowing, and faith that He will give it to him who asks. I know that some men think that prayer is nothing … but I tell you that this is a wrong belief.


So let not men be content with trying to live good moral lives, but seek with all their hearts the Love that makes them truly angels of God; and the certainty that they are immortal.


Immortality is only of God, and anything less than God, or His Divine Essence is not immortal.


Adam and Eve were mortals, free from sin and obedient to the Father, and thought that they were immortal; but when the temptation came and they yielded, they realized to their great sorrow that they were not immortal.


Life on earth is an important part of the great eternity of living, and men should realize this. It is the most important period of man's whole existence, and the way that such life is lived may determine the whole future life of the man.


So many spirits are contented to remain in the happiness of their natural love, and refuse to be convinced that there is a greater Love and happiness awaiting them in the Father's Kingdom which may be theirs, if they will only believe and seek.


I will now stop, but in closing will say, with all the love and knowledge which I possess: Let men seek this great Divine Love, and in faith they will find it


Good night. Your loving brother and friend,





4 June 1915: Jesus: Only those with Divine Love are admitted to the Celestial Kingdom.


I am here, Jesus.

In the Celestial Kingdom there are no spirits who have not received this Divine Love, so that their natures are of the Divine Essence of the Father. I do not mean that any spirit is perfect in this Divine nature, but that the spirit has so much of this Divine Love in his soul as to make him in unison with the nature of the Father. There are different degrees of possession of this Love by the spirits, and their happiness and glory are dependent upon the amount of Love possessed by them. No spirit though, who is an inhabitant of this Kingdom, is without this Divine Love; and no spirit has in its soul any sin or error that may have been a part of it while in the earth life.


All the [Celestial] spirits know that they are immortal, just as the Father is immortal; and this knowledge comes to them only from the possession of this Love. ....


Your friend and brother,





5 June 1915: Ann Rollins: Describes several spheres and the spirits inhabiting them.  


Well I desire to write awhile tonight about some things that are true, …


I am, as I told you, in the second Celestial (9th) Sphere, where your wife and mother also are. I am now so developed in my soul qualities that I realize that I am a part of the Father's Divine nature, and that I am immortal. Of course, you will understand there is yet more Love which we may obtain, because our progress in the Divine Love never ceases.

Even the Master is not perfect, ... But he is progressing in the acquisition of this Love.


Until we reach the first Celestial Spheres, we have not a sufficient of this Love to make us partakers of this Divine nature of the Father.


The seventh sphere is the one that divides those spirits who have merely intellectual or moral qualities which are developed to the highest degree, from those spirits who have their souls developed by the Divine Love of the Father.


The sixth sphere is one where the mental and moral qualities are developed to their greatest extent, .. it is a sphere which is given more especially to those spirits who have given more thought to the improvement of their minds and their moral qualities than to the development of their souls. This sphere is one of great happiness for these spirits of mental and moral excellence, and it is the highest that they can attain to in their progression in the spirit world.


Of course, these spirits may also receive this greater soul development… but my observation has been that  they seldom desire or seek for a greater one; in fact, the majority of them will not believe that there is any greater happiness that they can attain to, and, hence, the deadening satisfaction which possesses them.


Well, when a spirit enters the spirit world its condition of mental, moral or spiritual development determines where it shall first live. [The spirit maintains] the same ideas of right and wrong, of beliefs, of affections and of desires. Sometimes these conditions will last for many years…


Each spirit, following the natural inclination of its condition, will endeavor in its progress, to get into that sphere where there are afforded the greatest opportunities for the development of the particular condition which constitutes its chief motive force.


Now, God has provided these several spheres and made them so that there may be progression on the part of spirits who have these several phases of desires and attractions.


The second, the fourth and the sixth spheres are appropriated for those spirits who have more desires for advancement in their mental and moral pursuits.


The third, fifth and seventh spheres are the ones appropriated to the spirits who are seeking the development of the Divine Love into their souls; and in these spheres, Divine Love is the great thing that is sought for and acquired. The spirits of these spheres may be just as highly developed in their mental and moral qualities as are those [in the 2nd, 4th and 6th]; and, frequently, they are more so, for with the soul development comes mental and moral development.


You must believe what I have told you, for it is true;


Well, I will say goodnight.





7 June 1915: Jesus: A Description of Jesus’ Birth and Life up to the Time of His Public Ministry


I am here, Jesus.


The Bible story of my birth and the flight of my parents and the murder of the innocents, is substantially correct; when my parents arrived in Bethlehem they were not compelled to seek the manger on account of poverty, and as a matter of fact my father was not poor in the world's goods.


The wise men came and brought offerings but it did not amount to so very much so far as the money value was concerned.


After they arrived in Egypt my father lived there for a long time, doing the work that his trade fitted him to do; and by his work supported the family. I had four brothers and three sisters, and all, except myself, were born in Egypt.


My development in the knowledge of the truths which I taught during my public ministry, was caused by my inner spiritual faculties, and my teacher was God. I was not born with the knowledge that I was sent to earth to teach these great truths. But this knowledge of my mission came to me after I became a man and had the frequent communions with God by my spiritual senses.


I was never in the presence of the Jewish priests when about twelve years of age, as stated in the Bible. I never was a sinful boy or man, and did not know what sin was in my heart.


In my boyhood days I was the same as other boys and engaged in the plays of childhood and had the feelings of a child, and never thought I was anything else than a child.


The story of the Angel of God coming to my mother is not true. The story of the angel coming to Joseph is not true.


Between the time that I was twelve years of age and my public ministry, I lived at home with my parents, and assisted my father in his business of carpenter.


When I commenced to get this divine love into my soul, I became very close to the Father, and this relationship resulted in my realizing that I was sent by God with a mission.


I knew John the Baptist when I was a child growing up. John was a great psychic and saw in his vision who I was and what my mission on earth was, and, hence, when the time came, he made the announcement of my coming.


I first became the Christ at the time of my baptism by John. I as Christ am different from myself as Jesus. Christ means that principle which the Father has conferred upon me, which made me at one with Him in the possession of this great love. Christ is that love itself made manifest in me as man. Christ is as much alive today as ever. He was never crucified and never died as did Jesus.


Your brother and friend,





8 June 1915: Jesus: Continuation of life up to the time of public ministry


I am here, Jesus.


When I was satisfied that I was chosen by my Father to perform His work I commenced my ministry.


Let men know that what I taught was true, even though I did not teach all the truth.


I was not, when on earth, so filled with the love of the Father as I am now, and had not the power to make men feel that this love is the only thing that will reconcile them to the Father as I have now. So men must believe that I am communicating to them the real truths which will show them the way to the Fathers Love.


I know that I was sent by the Father to perform the mission which I performed, but this I did not know until after I became a man and was then told what my mission was.


My mother or father or brethren did not know, and even after I had proclaimed my mission, they did not believe in my mission, but thought that I was crazy.


So, I am the Christ of the Bible, yet I am not the only begotten son of God. And much less am I God. As I have said, there is only one God, and I am merely His son and teacher sent to the world to declare to mankind the bestowal of the gift of immortality and the way in which men may obtain it.


I will deal further with myself as we progress in our writings. Let no man believe that I was born of the Virgin Mary, or that I was begotten by the Holy Spirit, or that I am God, for all these things are not true.


Your friend and brother,





28 June 1915: John: Confirms the two greatest Truths.   


I am the spirit of St. John. I am the disciple whom Jesus loved and who loved him more than did any of the others.


Jesus is anxious to have you receive these truths and make them known to mankind.


The first great truth is - God is Love,

and the second is - You must be born again.

These are the two greatest truths of the Bible. I consider them greater than the commandments to love God and to love your neighbor as yourself.


So my young brother, I will say goodnight.


ST JOHN of the Bible 




6 July 1915: Martin Luther: His former ands current beliefs.   


I had many erroneous beliefs caused by the interpretations of the Bible - but since coming to the spirit land I have learned the truth, and have gotten rid of any old erroneous beliefs.


I was a teacher when on earth of what I thought were Bible truths, and I know that some good resulted from my teachings, although they were mixed with errors.


I am still teaching mortals but there are so few mediums who are capable of receiving the higher truths. If we could have more writing mediums, such as yourself, that we could communicate such truths to, the salvation of mankind kind would become much more rapid.


I live in the second Celestial Sphere where live your grandmother and mother and wife. I was a preacher, and my name was Martin Luther. Yes, Martin Luther, the Monk.


I now see that my teaching of justification by faith, is not of itself, sufficient for man's salvation. The true doctrine is that of the New Birth. I mean the inflowing of the Divine Love of the Father into the souls of men.


Faith without works is not sufficient. Works without faith will not bring about the great results desired; and both faith and works without the New Birth, are not sufficient to bring salvation to mankind.


Love is the fulfilling of the law; and Divine Love is the Essence of the Father, and makes man part of Divinity Itself.


Well, I have regretted so very much that my followers worship Jesus as God. And the other false doctrine is that Jesus' blood saves from sin or that he made a vicarious sacrifice. This false doctrine has caused more men to lose their soul development, than has any dogma taught by the churches.


No blood, no death on the cross and no vicarious atonement saves a man from his sins.


With the love of a brother. I am the former monk and reformer.





8 July 1915: Socrates: Tells how the Jews believe they are the Chosen ones.  


I am here, Socrates, the Greek.


After I became a spirit I lived in the spirit world a great many years and as I continued to live, I progressed, until at last, I entered the highest intellectual sphere and became a beautiful and bright spirit. I met many minds of great power of thought and beauty; and my happiness was beyond my conception when on earth.


I traversed the spheres in search of knowledge and information without limitation.


I found in many spheres spirits, who were still teaching of their Hebrew God, who they claimed was the only God and who had made of their nation his favorite people; but I did not find that they were much different from the rest of us. They were not superior to us in intellect, and they lived in no higher spheres than we lived in, and I could not learn that their morality was any more exalted than was ours.


But they insisted that they were God's favorite people, and were in their own estimation, superior to the rest of us and lived in a community all to themselves.


I am now in a Sphere that is not numbered; but it is high in the Celestial Heavens


Your friend and brother, the one-time Greek philosopher but now a Christian.




8 July 1915: Ann Rollins: There are other beings who were not humans.


I am living, as I told you, in the second Celestial (9th) Sphere, and am surrounded by everything that makes me happy. I am also in close attachment with the Master, although he lives in a sphere much higher in the Celestial Heavens.


I must tell you that all angels in His Kingdom, which is ruled over by Jesus, are the spirits of mortals who once lived on earth, and not what the Old Testament called angels are. I am informed there are beings who never had the experience of living in the flesh. I have never seen any of these angels and I don't know where they live, but Jesus says they are a distinct class of God's creation, and that they live in spheres that are separated from the heavens that he rules in. I have often wished to see some of these angels, but it does not appear that they ever come to our Celestial Heavens. .....


So when you hear us speak of angels we mean only those who were mortals, and who are living in the higher spheres of our own Celestial Heavens. ......


Of course I don't know whether these other angels will ever know anything about our Heavens or not, .........


Your loving Grandmother




3 August 1915: Jesus: My truths may be understood by the simple.


I am here, Jesus.


My truths are plain and my teachings can be understood by the simple. Any religion which requires the exercise of the mental faculties to an extent greater than what is required in the ordinary affairs of life, cannot be a true religion; because God has designed that all his children shall understand His truths without the necessity of having a highly developed mind.


It will not be necessary for any preacher or teacher to explain them. The truths are for all.


So with all my love I am, Your brother and friend,





5 August 1915: Samuel: All the religions occupy their own special planes.


I am Samuel the Prophet.


I want to tell you of my existence here in the spirit world.


I am now in a heaven which this Divine Love has opened up to me.


When I lived in the spirit world before obtaining this Divine Love, I was a spirit in the highest of the spiritual spheres and was very happy, as I thought, but when I obtained this Divine Love, I realized that the happiness of my former condition was as nothing compared to that of my present condition.


The different teachers of the various religions which have come to earth are occupying planes in the spiritual heavens all to themselves. They, the Jews, still think that theirs is the only true religion, and that they are the chosen people of God, and that all others are mistaken in their doctrines.


So thanking you for your kindness, I will say goodnight.





5 August 1915: Lazarus: Says he was not dead when he was raised by Jesus.  


I am here, Lazarus.


I was the one whom Jesus called from the grave. I merely want to say that I was not dead when I was resurrected but had on me the sleep of death. But I was not entirely a spirit separated from my body. No spirit, once entirely liberated from the body, can ever return to it and reanimate the body. 


I and my sisters are now in the Celestial Heavens in a sphere that is not numbered.


While on earth Jesus did teach us that God had again bestowed on man this Divine Love and we believed it. I know that the disciples were taught this same doctrine, but it is strange that they did not declare it in their Gospels, but such seems to be the fact, and it is unaccountable why this important truth was not preserved and taught in their writings.


Men may refuse to believe this Great Truth if they will, and think that by attending church and worshipping God in their service with their lips, they will be able to enter the Kingdom but they will find themselves mistaken. 


Jesus comes to you and writes and you must believe the fact for it is a fact.


I will say Good night.





10 August 1915: Leytergus: Tells how Adam & Eve fell.  


I was a native of Arabia and lived before the time of Abraham.


Yes, I have been informed as to the fall of man.


My information is as follows: - When man was created he was made perfect physically and spiritually. But their souls were made in the image of their Creator. This image was given a potentiality of receiving the Substance of the soul qualities of their Creator provided they pursued that course in their existence in obedience to the laws of the Creator Soul.


Well, these creatures were not equal to the test, and after living a while they became possessed of the idea that they needed not to comply with these prescribed laws, but could of their own will and power obtain this Substance by doing that which they had been forbidden to do, and so they disobeyed these laws. As a consequence, these potentialities were taken from them. And this was the fall of man. The story of the apple is a myth.


No apple or anything else that was intended to be eaten, formed any part of the fall. It was wholly the fall of the soul's potentialities. The disobedience was the great unlawful desire on the part of these two, to obtain this soul substance before they were in condition to receive it. The soul substance that these two forfeited was the Divine Love of their Creator.


I live in a sphere which is part of the Celestial Heavens. The name which I have given you was mine when on earth. It is Arabic and nothing else.


So I will say Good-night. Your brother in Christ,





15 August 1915: John: Many errors in his gospel; Mary has no special honour.


I am here, St. John.


Well, .. you must remember that many of these writings in my gospel were not mine or written at my dictation.


In the mutations of time many things have been added to and subtracted from what I wrote and, as a consequence, the true and the untrue are mixed.


Well, it will be a very difficult task for you to make the distinction in simply reading or even studying the Bible. 


When on earth, I was a married man, and in my family the mother of Jesus lived until her death. She, Mary, lives near me. She is a beautiful spirit and filled with the Love of the Father. But you must not suppose that because she was the mother of Jesus she has any more exalted position than she otherwise would have had. Family ties do not determine anything in the higher spheres - the soul development is the criterion. Many spirits are living in higher spheres than Mary.


Your brother in Christ,





17 August 1915: Jerome: Bible not to be trusted due to many arrors.


St. Jerome.

I will tell you that the truths of the Master, which are the truths of God, must not be sought for in the Bible because of the many errors that therein exist - not because the disciples and those to whom they conveyed these truths did not write them correctly, but because the Bible, as now written, is not the same in many important particulars, as what the disciples wrote.


And hence Jesus is so anxious that the world shall receive these great truths again through his written messages.


I am in a Celestial Sphere very high up in the heavens. I cannot otherwise describe its location. These spheres are not numbered after the first few, because then they interblend so that there are no lines of demarcation.


Your brother in Christ,





24 August 1915: Jesus: Why these truths were not made known before.


I am here, Jesus:


Spiritualism is an established thing in this world of mortals. It is beyond doubt that spirits and mortals communicate, and that spirits know just what mortals are doing.


Well, that is the very reason why I am communicating to you these truths, for they were never before communicated to any mortal. Well, because no medium was fitted to receive them and the world was not in condition to believe as it is now. 


If these truths had been communicated [at an earlier time], they would have been received with incredulity, even by the spiritualists themselves; and so the date for the communication of these truths was postponed until now.


My writings will contain only the truth and those truths must be received and accepted by men. ...


Your friend and brother,







29 August 1915: Aman:  Aman is Adam the first man; tells why they fell.


Aman, the first parent.

You don't believe me, I can see, but I am whom I say, and want to tell you that I am now a follower of Jesus and live far up in the Celestial Heavens.


I and my soulmate lived in a paradise which God had given us, and were very happy until the great fall. We were so filled with the thought that we were all powerful and all wise, that we concluded that the obedience which God had required of us, was not necessary for us to observe, and that if we only exerted our powers, we would be as great as He is great. But, alas the day. We were mere creatures.


We disobeyed Him in that we tried to make ourselves believe that we were as He was, and that we need not submit further to His decrees. We tried to appear as gods; but as soon as we did this the scales dropped, and we saw how naked and impotent we were.


We continued to live in the same place as formerly, and we became as mortals now are. When Amon and I were created, there were no other human beings living on earth, until we had sons and daughters who intermarried and produced other sons and daughters.


Your brother in Christ,





30 August 1915: Amon: Amon (Eve) and Aman were created as fully grown adults.


I am here, Amon.


Before Aman and myself, no human beings ever existed. We were created by God at the same time, and were ready, just after the moment of our creation, to live the lives of natural beings. So that there was no gradual growth on our part from any other creature or thing. I know it has been said that the first man developed from some animal of the lower order, but I want to tell you that this is not true.


When I was created we had no physical ailments, no sickness, no deformity of any kind. Before our fall we were very happy in our conjugal love.. then because of our ideas of our greatness and power we fell.


So you must see that we were specially created and not evolved from any other thing.


Of course, the parts played by the apple and the snake and the devil are not true literally, but are symbolical of the principles that entered into the temptation and fall.


Well, I was as much to blame as was Aman, but I did not entice him; but our ambitions grew together and we discussed the matter of making the great effort between us, and acted as one. So the story in the Bible is not exactly true, for I did not entice Aman, neither did he seduce me to enter into the effort.


But all this is past, and we have suffered much because of our first sin.


I will say good night.

Your sister,





5 September 1915: Jesus: The bible, and especially Revelation, contains many errors.


I am here, Jesus.


I desire to say that many things in the bible were not written by my disciples or by those to whom my disciples had delivered the sayings that I made use of while on earth.


The text as contained in the present Bible is not a true copy of what I said, or what was in the manuscripts of those who originally wrote; and I am trying to correct the many errors that the Bible contains.


Well, the sayings in the Epistles and in the Gospels and in Revelation to the effect that my blood saves from sin, are erroneous, and my disciples never wrote that false doctrine. The only thing that works this great result is the New Birth as I have explained it to you.


Well, the Revelation of John is not true - it is a mere allegory and not as he wrote it, for it contains many things that are absurd and not in accord with the truths.


With all my love, I am,


Your brother and friend,






7 September 1915: John: Revelation ("The Apocalypse") of little value.


I am here, John of the Revelation.


I want to say that while I wrote a Revelation, I never wrote the words declaring the salvation of mankind through the blood of Jesus for I did not believe such doctrine and had never been taught such by Jesus.


Much of the matter contained in the Revelation I never wrote; but scribes who professed to copy the description of my vision, added to it for the purpose of incorporating therein the views of the Christians of that early day, so that their views might be emphasized and in union with similar views that had been added to the Gospels and Epistles, which copies these same persons had made.


I cannot see that Revelation can serve any good purpose. Many of the things therein contained are not true. And besides it has been so embellished and added to, that many of its images do not illustrate any truth, or anything else.


So, I advise you do not waste your time in trying to discover the meanings which this book contains.


There are enough truths in the Bible, though mixed with many errors, to lead men to the light and to salvation. Love is the great principle, and the fact that God is waiting to bestow that love on mankind, if they will only seek for it, as it is the principle which is sufficient to lead men to the Celestial homes and happiness.


I am not an advocate of all the isms which men draw from the Bible, but on the contrary, condemn the misconstruction of the truths which it contains.


So, I tell you that while the Bible, as now written, is a grand old book, it is a stumbling block to man's acquiring a correct knowledge of the truths of God.


So will say goodnight and God bless you and your work.


Your brother in Christ,

JOHN of Revelation 



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