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The messages I have selected here are just random ones which I find interesting and exciting. I have given only excepts from the complete message in order to make the message simpler and more relevant. I recommend that if these messages interest you, that you pursue the matter and obtain the entire set in their complete form.


The excerpts are just meant to give a brief introduction to the amazing variety of messages received. I hope that the brief exposure to the information given will whet your appetite for more details, and inspire you to look further.


The list below shows the various messages I have included, with a link to the page where it is presented. The messages are shown in chronological order, both here and on the other pages.


A single left-click opens at the message, and replaces the existing page.

Right-click the link and click the option to open it in a new Tab; but it goes only to the head of the page. 




   Date                Spirit                           Topic                                            Location                  Link


14/09/1914      Ann Rollins         Reassures that Jesus truly wrote                 Confirmation        Ann149

24/09/1914      Several              His family confirm that Jesus wrote             Confirmation        Jesus249

  9/12/1914      Helen                 Describes her death-to-spirit change           Progression          Helen912

16/12/1914      Riddle                Dogmatic friend thinks he can do it alone     Unbelievers  ​        Riddle1612

18/12/1914      Salyards            Tells of unbelief and his progress                 Unbelievers          Salyards1812

27/12/1914      Riddle                The results after two weeks                        Unbelievers          Riddle2712

12/01/1915      Harvey et al       Friend is in darkness and wants help            Unbelievers         Harvey1201

20/01/1915      Riddle                Received DL and now in 3rd Sphere             Unbelievers         Riddle2001

24/01/1915      Jesus                 Not God; his mission explained                   Interesting-1        Jesus2401

20/02/1915      Riddle                Happiness in 3rd Sphere                             Unbelievers         Riddle2002

29/03/1915      Laura                 Asks help out of darkness                           Seeking               Laura2903

29/03/1915      Syrick                Admits belief errors; confirms messages      Confirmation        Syrick2903C

29/03/1915      Syrick                Accepts Truths; willing to change                Progression          Syrick2903

29/03/1915      Helen                 Describes Syrick's condition                        Progression         Helen2903

  1/04/1915      Unnamed           Has "lost" his soul; wants to find it              Seeking               Unnamed104

  3/04/1915      Jesus                 Reassures Padgett that he truly wrote         Confirmation        Jesus304

  6/04/1915      Clergyman         Church rituals do not help at all                   Seeking               Priest604

13/04/1915      Ann Rollins         Describes her home in 9th Sphere               Progression          Ann1304

13/04/1915      Salyards             Laws of Spirit world                                   Interesting-1        Salyards1304

  3/05/1915      Salyards             Laws of Spirit world                                   Interesting-1        Salyards305

  6/05/1915      Syrick                Tells of progress                                        Progression          Syrick605

25/05/1915      Jesus                 The truth of life on earth                             Interesting-1       Jesus2505

  2/06/1915      Saleeba              Ancient Egyptian from 6th, seeks help         Seeking               Saleeba206

  4/06/1915      Jesus                 DL essential to enter Celestial Kingdom        Interesting-1       Jesus406

  5/06/1915      Ann Rollins         Description of some Spheres                       Interesting-1       Ann506

  7/06/1915      Jesus                 His life before public ministry                      Interesting-1        Jesus706

  8/06/1915      Jesus                 His life before public ministry                      Interesting-1        Jesus806

17/06/1915      Shellington         Helped out of unbelief by Helen                   Unbelievers         Shell1706

28/06/1915      John                  Confirms the two greatest Truths                 Interesting-1       John2806

  5/07/1915      Saleeba             Now in 3rd Sphere but happy                      Seeking               Saleeba507

  6/07/1915      Luther               His former vs current beliefs                        Interesting-1       Luther607

  8/07/1915      Socrates            His progress                                               Progression         Socrates807P

  8/07/1915      Socrates            Jews still think they are #1                         Interesting-1        Socrates807

  8/07/1915      Ann Rollins         There are beings from other worlds              Interesting-1        Ann0807 

  3/08/1915      Jesus                 His Truths are simple                                 Interesting-1        Jesus308

  5/08/1915      Samuel              Each religion has their own planes               Interesting-1       Samuel508

  5/08/1915      Lazarus              Was not dead when "raised"                       Interesting-1       Lazarus508

10/08/1915      Leytergus           How Adam & Eve fell                                  Interesting-1       Leytergus1008

15/08/1915      John                  Errors in his gospel                                     Interesting-1       John1508

17/08/1915      Jerome              Bible not to be trusted                                Interesting-1       Jerome1708

24/08/1915      Jesus                 Why the Truths are being made known        Interesting-1       Jesus2408

29/08/1915      Aman                (Adam) tells why they fell                           Interesting-1        Amam2908

30/08/1915      Amon                (Eve) says they were created as adults        Interesting-1        Amon3008

  5/09/1915      Jesus                 Bible & Revelation have many errors           Interesting-1        Jesus509

  7/09/1915      John                  Revelation errors make it worthless             Interesting-1        John709

12/09/1915      John                  Spirit communication common in his day     Interesting-2        John1209

24/09/1915      Baptist               Ritual and sacraments are unnecessary       Interesting-2        Baptist2409

24/09/1915      Sebastobel         Ancient tells about Atlantis; seeks DL          Interesting-2        Ancient2409

25/09/1915      John                  Celestial Spirits have higher intellects          Interesting-2        John2509

25/09/1915      James                Nations and sects maintain separation         Interesting-2        James2509

26/09/1915      Jesus                 Insists he has chosen Padgett                     Confirmation        Jesus2609

27/09/1915      Various              Affirm the message of previous night           Confirmation        Various2709

26/10/1915      Paul                   Bible contains many errors                         Interesting-2        Paul2610

03/11/1915      Saelish               Absolutely no reincarnation                        Interesting-2        Saelish311 

07/11/1915      Pope Gregory     Church politics and power are wrong            Interesting-2       Pope0711

02/01/1916      Jesus                 There are no devils                                     Interesting-2       Jesus0201

04/01/1916      Jesus                 True redemption; church power                   Interesting-2       Jesus0401

05/01/1916      Geo Butler          Drunkard tells of his hell                             Interesting-2       Butler0501

29/01/1916      Luther                Ceremonies and sacraments useless            Interesting-2       Luther2906

01/08/1916      Helen                 Buddha in 6th, no reincarnation                   Interesting-2       Helen0108

28/08/1916      Luther                The popes who persecuted him                    Interesting-2       Luther2808

05/09/1916      Constantine        Never a Christian; all done for politics          Interesting-2       Const0509

08/01/1917      N. Plummer       (former friend of Dr Stone) hard to get out of hell    Interesting-2       Plumm0801

08/01/1917      St Luke              Comments on Plummer's plight                   Interesting-2        Luke0801

25/04/1917      St John              How prayers are answered                          Interesting-2       John2504

26/12/1917      Jesus                 Pope not his vicar and not infallible              Interesting-2       Jesus2612






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