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James Padgett



Some Specific Messages Received by Padgett




James Edward (Ned) Padgett was a practising lawyer in Washington, DC, for 40 years and had been Assistant District Attorney at one time. His wife, Helen, died in February 1914 when Padget was 61. Although they were separated at the time Padgett felt an enormous loss at her death; so, despite his strict Methodist upbringing he sought to make contact with her through a medium. He was told that he himself had mediumistic skills so he began to practise and soon started receiving messages from Helen.


Helen was able to give him some sort of proof that she was real and alive and that it was her communicating with him. Her presence became so distinctive that Padgett always knew it was her when she wrote. It seems that Padgett destroyed many of these earliest messages from Helen as he felt that they were too personal. The first preserved message was 31st May 1914.


Subsequently Padget received messages from all sorts of spirits, including Jesus, most of the Apostles, various famous people from history, plus many of his contemporaries, some of whom were in very dark places, some who were anti-religion, and others who had been in mainstream churches. Many times while receiving these communications his friend, Dr Leslie Stone was present; and sometimes also Arthur Coburn and/or Mr Morgan. Dr Stone was the man who first published the messages in 1941, 18 years after Padgett died. On most occasions that spirits wrote to Padgett, Helen also wrote briefly after they finished and she always insisted that the spirit was in fact who he claimed to be.


In all, Padgett received about 2450 messages but only about half have been published. His method of communication was "automatic writing" where he had pencil and paper ready and the spirit used Padgett's hand to write. The writing was done faster than a person could normally write, and certainly faster than one could think and write at the same time. The words were joined together with no spaces and Padgett said generally he had no knowledge of what was written till later when he examined the pages. The two pics below show an example.


Padgett apparently had a very hard time accepting first, that he was chosen to do this task, and second, that some of the spirits who wrote (e.g. Jesus) were who they said they were. But over the course of time the spirits insisted that he was uniquely fitted to the task due to his abilities as a medium, not due to his spirituality. Also, they said, his openness of mind and heart ensured that he would not distort the messages. Given this uniqueness it was understandable that the most important spirits would use him. In fact Jesus himself insisted that he had personally chosen Padgett and that he had been waiting for centuries for someone of Padgett's abilities for just this specific purpose.




I am going to give excerpts from some relevant messages which I hope will touch your heart and inspire you to research further. For a very extensive site with lots of detailed information about channelling in general and the Padgett messages in particular, go to the new-birth site I have mentioned before.


Of course, the question arises as to whether we can accept any of these messages as genuine communications from the spirit world. I am not going to debate that point here. There are other sites where this is argued so I will leave it to you to check this out. I have investigated the matter and I am more than satisfied that the messages are real. 


Here is a site with evidence which I believe that any open-minded person cannot honestly refute:


You must make your own choice. I am not trying to insist that you believe any or all of the information I give. I simply want to be a source of help to anyone who wants or needs it.


Be aware that the excerpts I give are just the ones that I personally find interesting; there are hundreds more pages of these messages.


The entire list of messages given to Padgett are available on the Internet in various locations; plus they are available in published form in chronological order and by topic.




The continuation of the writing shown in pic of page 2 below:

... that is necessary is the prayer for the inflowing of this love. All other forms or real aspirations of prayer are secondary, and of themselves, will not tend to produce this love in the souls of men.

Let your prayer be as follows Our Father who is in heaven .....




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