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Messages Describing Spirit Progress
through the Spheres




These messages are from spirits who describe how they have progressed from one Sphere to another.



Dec 9 1914  Helen Padgett: Relates her experience in leaving her body and going to the spirit world.


I am here, Helen.


... When I realized that the time had come for me to go, I did not fear to do so, but calmly waited and thought that all my sufferings would soon end. And when my spirit left the body ... I had scarcely awakened to the fact before your mother ... was trying to tell me that I had nothing to fear.


She ... took me to a place that was very beautiful and filled with spirits who had recently passed over. ...your father came to me and ... Your grandmother soon came to me and told me who she was, ...


But after a while I commenced to think that I must be deceived and was still on earth, and needed only my body again to know that I was still a mortal. Some time elapsed before I really became conscious that I was a spirit and was not on earth; 


I first saw my parents after I commenced to believe that I was in the spirit world; ... they did not know me, but thought that I was still in the body and that they were still on earth, as they had not yet awakened to the fact that they were in the spirit world. [They had died 7-8 years before]. They were very unhappy, and it took considerable talking to make them believe that they were spirits and not mortals. 


When I commenced to leave the body there was no pain or suffering, only a feeling that I was rising out of it. No darkness appeared to me, and I saw my body lying there as if it were asleep...

I did not know that I was dying, but felt that something unusual was happening, and I was not afraid. ... My thoughts were not of death at all. I had been suffering pain, but I thought that I was getting well, .... and how soon I would be able to return home and see my friends. No other thoughts came to me ... So you see death, which I so much feared, was not such a dreadful thing to experience.


Your own true and loving, Helen.



13 April 1915: Ann Rollins: Describes her home in the Second Celestial Sphere (9th Sphere).


Well, I am so happy to tell you that I am now in the Second Celestial Sphere, where everything is so beautiful, and happiness exists to a degree that I cannot portray to you. I am in my own home and what it is, I can scarcely describe, for you have no words which are adequate...


My home is of a material that you have no faint counterpart of on earth, and it is furnished with everything that is suited to make me happy ...


When I left the First Sphere I was carried from my home in the first sphere up to the entrance of the second sphere where many other beautiful spirits were waiting to give me welcome - and such a welcome I never thought could be extended to a spirit who is progressing. ....I thought that the beauty and grandeur of the first sphere could not possibly be surpassed, but when I tell you that comparison cannot be made between the beauty of the two places, it is the best that I can do.


My home was all ready for me, and .... It certainly is beyond description, and it would be useless for me to try to describe it.


The spirits here are so much more beautiful than those of any other sphere. They are more ethereal and their garments are all shining and white 

So with all my love, I am your own true and loving grandmother.




29 March 1915: Judge Frank D. Syrick: Admits that spirit world is real. He died about February 1915.


I am here, Syrick:


I am your late friend and brother in spiritualism. Yes, your wife wishes me to realize that I am living as a spirit.


Well, old friend, the uncertain has become certain and I know now that spirits can and do communicate with mortals. Let any doubts that you may have leave you and believe with all your heart that you have received the messages as you have been informed.


So with my kindest regards and best wishes, I am

your true friend,





29 March 1915: Helen Padgett: Describes Syrick's appearance and spiritual condition.


Well, he is dark in appearance as he necessarily must be until he gets more enlightenment of soul. He will undoubtedly suffer because of the sins he committed when on earth, and will pay the penalty until he finds the true way to God's Love and forgiveness. Of course he has one advantage over many spirits who come over bringing the results of their life on earth and that is that he has some idea as to the way to salvation.


You and Dr. Stone told him when on earth that he must turn his thoughts to spiritual things and while he did not understand just what you meant, yet, such advice had some influence on him and will cause him to try to learn what was meant, ... he will progress more rapidly to these higher things and the more rapid his progress the sooner his suffering will leave him.


He is now commencing to realize that as he sowed so must he reap. Rose tries to help him, but that isn't sufficient to prevent his memory from scourging him because of the life he led on earth.


So you see, you must all sooner or later face this great crisis and the better prepared you are to meet it, the less will be your sufferings and the more happiness you will experience.


Your own true and loving,





6 May 1915: Judge Frank D. Syrick: Confirms truth of what he was told and tells of progress.


I am here, your friend Syrick:

I tell you Padgett, that your wife is a wonder; why, she tells me things that I never in all my life thought could exist, and when she shows me the truths of the Father's Love and how beautiful and beyond conception her home is, I can scarcely contain myself. She is helping me so much in my progression.


I want to tell you that the fortunate day of my life was the one when I met you at the Coburn's and commenced the investigation of the spiritualism that you were seeking to learn.


Many times you told me to seek for the higher things and the soul development; and I heard you and did not know what you meant. ... Sometimes I got a glimpse of what you might mean, and would ask you, as you may remember, if you thought I was a very bad man, and you would tell me, no, but that I must give my thoughts to higher things and get the love of God in my heart.


Well I did not comprehend what you meant, and when you told me to pray to the Father, I did so, but somehow I did not understand just how to pray. But now I realize what you mean, and what an awful mistake I made in not trying to learn what you tried to tell me when on earth.


 [Syrick was told of the DL path while alive and had also had communications from his soulmate, Rose, whom he had never met. He accepted the truth of Rose's love but could not understand prayer].


What a great blessing to have the belief that I had when I was with you all as to my Rose.


It may seem strange to some, but I know, not to you, that my belief in Rose was so great, that ... I had no doubt about my being a spirit, ...


As soon as I could ... I made many inquiries ... and received information; ... some things that I heard I thought that I had heard before, and so it was, because in our communications and in our conversations I had heard them. So you see what a privilege it is for a man to have the opportunity of learning of the spirit world while still on earth. 


Well, after I had lived in this condition of happiness for sometime, I commenced to examine myself .... And conscience commenced to work, and I soon saw myself as I had never seen myself while on earth. And the more transparent my actual self became, the more this conscience accused me of things done and omitted while a mortal; and with these accusations came sufferings, for they all told me the way, but somehow I could not just understand how to find it. And so the days went by and I suffered.


But as I continued to pray, ... all of a sudden a feeling of peace came to me and with it a great Love that I had never felt before, and I realized that it was the Father's Love; and since then my sufferings have been growing less and less, and my prayers and faith more and more. Oh, how I regret that in my earth life, I had not sought this love. 


Let me tell you, and the Coburn's and Dr. Stone, that this is no idle tale, but a stern, unavoidable reality, and I tell you all, with all the emphasis that I can command, that if you want to avoid darkness and suffering, seek with all your heart this Love while you are mortals.


... with all my heart I urge you to believe me, and take this truth to your hearts and souls.


I am your own true friend and brother.





8 July 1915: Socrates: Tells of his progress.  


I am here, Socrates, the Greek.


I am now a believer in the Christian doctrine of the soul's immortality, and in the teachings of Jesus as to the way to obtain the Divine Love of the Father.


After I became a spirit I lived in the spirit world a great many years and as I continued to live, I progressed, until at last, I entered the highest intellectual sphere and became a beautiful and bright spirit. I met many minds of great power of thought and beauty; and my happiness was beyond my conception when on earth.


I traversed the spheres in search of knowledge and information without limitation.



For long years my life went on in this way, until in my wanderings I found that there was a sphere I could not enter. I sometimes met and conversed with some of these inhabitants; one called John told me of this Divine Love of his God.


I commenced to pray to this God and tried to exercise faith as I was told. Well, it is not necessary to tell you further in detail my experience in getting and developing this Love. But I became filled with it, and at last entered the Soul Sphere, and what I saw is beyond description.


I am now in a Sphere that is not numbered; but it is high in the Celestial Heavens


Your friend and brother, the one-time Greek philosopher but now a Christian.





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