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Seeking Help


These are messages from spirits who are bewildered, or lost, or in the dark hells and they see that Padgett can help others, so they too ask for help.



29 March 1915: Laura: Asks for Padgett's help after seeing other dark spirits get results.

I am here, Laura Burroughs, your cousin:


Oh, my dear Edward, do something to help me. I am so unhappy and need help so much. I am in such darkness and pain that I can scarcely see the light of day, I mean the light that enables me to see my surroundings. I am also so lonely and without love or sympathy.


I don't understand why I am in this condition and no one has explained it so far. I thought that maybe you might show me some way to get out of my awful condition. I thought so because I saw other spirits writing to you who are in this darkness as I am and they said that you had helped them.


Why I see Aunt Nancy and your Mother and Helen and your Father and others ... Why are they so beautiful? Of, if I could only be like them. Tell me, Ed., why it is, and tell me what made them so.


Yes, I will and she is calling me now. Oh, how glad that I came here. I feel better already. Dear Aunt Nancy will love me I know and so will cousin Ann and Helen. Oh, how glad I am. I am now going with them, so good bye.

My dear Cousin.




1 April 1915: Unknown soul: man believes he has lost his soul and asks help


I am here, a man who has lost his soul and can't find it.


What would I not give to have it again, and so be able to receive the love that you write about. But I lost it and no one can help me find it. I have tried and sought for it everywhere, but it has left me.

Tell me, can you help me find it? If so, please do so, and I will bless you forever. I am in a condition of not knowing whether I am living, or only dreaming, or dead.

I lost it in trying to find that my intellect was the only thing in all the spirit world that is real, and where I thought that I had found that to be true my soul had left me,


You must know something about it, for the other spirits say that you help to save souls, and if you can do that, you surely can find a lost one.


I was a man of great intellect when on earth, and lived in the city of New York, and passed over in 1864, a much honored man. I was a lawyer, and well-known to my immediate community, and I died a mere man without a soul.


Yes, I will do anything that you say that will help me get it.


I know that I had a soul because, before … I loved, and felt sympathy for the unfortunate and poor, and especially loved children. But after I became a man of great mind, I may say with only a mind… My soul died and never has come to me since.


Yes, only tell me quickly that I may commence the search.


Yes, she says that she is your grandmother. Yes, I will go with her, and do as you say, and try to believe what she may tell me. Yes, I certainly will, and … Your grandmother calls me, and I must go. 



6 April 1915, Episcopal Clergyman: (explains that church life does not save - died 44 years before)

I am here, W____ (A clergyman ). I am a spirit who has spent many long years in darkness and despair. I was a very bad man, but I never knew it until I came to the spirit world and saw clearly just what kind of character I had. No man really knows his own condition until he has shuffled off the mortal coil and becomes a transparent spirit. Then every inmost thought is apparent, and he becomes, as it were, a mirror of his true self.


My life was not what the world would call an evil one, and I tried to live, as I thought, correctly in the sight of God and man; but it was all outward appearances only. I mean that I was deceiving myself. My soul was not involved, but merely my intellectual condition, as to what was right and wrong. The Beatitudes were not mine - and soul religion was not mine. I was a strict church member and conformed to all the conventions and dogmas of the church so far as their outward appearances are concerned - and was at the same time not of the true soul worship of God. I thought that by observing the dogmas and creeds of my church I was doing God’s will, and that nothing further was necessary. I was baptized and confirmed by the proper dignitaries of the church, and was told that I was a child of God, and was certain of salvation. 


But all this did not bring me true communion and at-onement with the Father, for I had not the Love of the Father in my soul. My intellect was all Christian, but my soul was not in unison with the Father’s Love.


Apostolic succession is in and of itself a meaningless church government, and no such succession can confer upon any priest or clergyman power to bestow upon the souls of men the Love or Mercy of the Father. This I have learned to my sorrow, since I became a spirit. So I say, let those who think that any priest or bishop can bestow this Love of the Father, awaken to the fact that no such power exists in these church ministers. ... No priest or bishop can relieve a soul from sin, or forgive the sinner; and no man can reach the Father’s Love or favor except through his direct, individual supplication to the Father.


What I intend to convey is that the churches in their dogmas and creeds emphasize too much the necessity of conforming to these dogmas and creeds, and neglect to show men the true way to the Kingdom.


So I say, let men learn to know that religion is a matter purely between God and each individual soul; and no church or priest or bishop can save a man’s soul from the sins of life, or make such soul at-one with the Father.


I performed my duties, but I starved my soul - not intentionally, but because I thought that the performance of duty was all that was necessary. Someday I hope that men will learn that there is only one way to God, and that through their earnest, personal prayers, with faith. 

I was a clergyman of the Episcopal Church in Lincoln, Nebraska, and I passed over in 1871. 



2 June 1915: Saleeba:  Ancient spirit (c 3300 BC) of the sixth sphere, seeking help.  


Let me write just a little as I need help, and I saw how you helped the last spirit who wrote. So, I know you will help me, as I need it so much, and you seem willing to help us all.


I am a woman who lived a great many years ago; I was an Egyptian Princess and we offered our sacrifices to appease the terrible threatenings of [our gods].


I was naturally a loving woman, and in my life outside of my religious beliefs, I was compassionate and sympathetic. but I sacrificed many of [my subjects] to satisfy the wrath and demands of our gods. 


Our beliefs were as real and as earnest as are the beliefs of you Christians in your God of Love and mercy; But as I now see, what a difference in the motives, and what a difference in the results.


In the long years that I have lived in the spirit world, I have learned all this intellectually…Love to us, was not a thing divine. Obedience and placating the anger of the gods were the divine things to us. I have heard of this Love of your Father, and have seen the results of this Love … yet I have never understood this Great Love, except in an intellectual way. My soul has never felt the influence of this Love, and I had never before thought it necessary for me to seek the secret … I came to you to learn the way, if possible,


While I know that the angry gods do not exist, still there is a void in my soul which I realize has never been filled.


In the years since my coming into the spirit world, I have lived in a number of spheres, each one in succession a progressive one. But in none of these spheres which I have lived in, have I found that the inhabitants are possessed of this soul Love that I am anxious to obtain. In the higher spheres in which I have lived and in the highest, there is a wonderful development of the mental qualities, and the knowledge possessed by these spirit inhabitants is beyond all conception of mortals. Sin does not exist in these highest spheres, and happiness is very great, and the spirits are very beautiful and bright. But in my comparison of the beauty and brightness of these spirits with those who claim this soul development of Love, I notice a great difference.


I was the daughter of one of the early Pharaohs and my name was Princess Saleeba.


I do not know how to compute the centuries, but I lived before the pyramids were built, so you see I have been in the spirit world a long time.

I have called for your mother, and she is so very beautiful. She must have a great amount of this Love. She says that she will show me the way to obtain it. And I am going with her.

So with many thanks and my kindest regards, I will say goodnight,






5 July 1915: Saleeba: Her progress (she moved from 6th Sphere Natural Love to 3rd Sphere Divine Love)


I am here, Saleeba.


Well, I am with you again, and I want to tell you that I am so very happy, as I have progressed so much since I wrote you a short time ago.


I am still in the Third Sphere, but I am in a higher plane.


Oh, what a wonderful thing the Divine Love is, and when I consider the long years that I lived as a spirit without knowing anything about this Love, I can scarcely express my regret at the unfortunate position in which I lived.


I will soon progress to a higher sphere, and will get Love in more abundance, and then I shall go to my own people and tell them of the wonders and glories of my new found home.


So with my love and kindest thoughts, I am,

Your sister in Christ,



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