How this site started and grew


I have investigated many fields over the years in my search for Truth and Happiness. I started researching wealth, happiness and relationships in the 1980's. In recent years I spent a lot of time and money to qualify as a life Results Coach using modern NLP techniques. I started a business in this field, both coaching individuals and doing public motivational speaking.


My passion for wanting to help people achieve greater happiness is still very much alive. It was this passion which drove me down the NLP path and the path of wealth creation. When I embarked on that NLP journey it seemed like a synthesis of all the previous material I had studied on wealth and happiness. I considered it the best method I had found to achieve whatever objectives a person might have.


My sincere objective was to help my clients and at the same time seek my own fulfilment.


Then, almost by accident, I came across some new teachings of a man called Alan John Miller, "AJ", (AJ Miller). Well, they were new to me although they were a collection of teachings given by other teachers previously. The most interesting teachings he uses were given in channelled messages 100 years ago. But AJ's exposition was the most explicit spiritual information I had ever come across, given in great detail and with tremendous power.


Initially I rejected the information because of my distaste for anything religious. Then I saw a DVD of AJ which was highly spiritual but not religious. I was absolutely fascinated. I subsequently saw many hours of his DVD's and met him in person many times.


I very quickly came to believe firmly in what AJ was saying. However, with new information I have now very definitely changed my opinion.


The method proposed by AJ seemed to be a simple and effective way to achieve great contentment on earth and also assure total happiness in the after-life. The AJ message was simply a pathway* to finding God and forming a relationship with Him. The message was based primarily on the messages channelled to James Padgett, plus the methods proposed by John Bradshaw in his book "Homecoming" - namely, the necessity to access our "repressed emotions". Furthermore he insisted on the reality of the reincarnation of himself and some others.


I set out to read the various books recommended by AJ, especially the channelled messages of Padgett. The more I read of Padgett the more some of AJ's ideas were exposed as erroneous.


If you wish to read a little more about this, click on the link above
"Story Pt 2".


*  AJ's path is in fact a distortion of the true DL path as he has added the need to "access repressed emotions" and he insists on reincarnation.