Then, and now...


This page is a very brief summary of information being taught by a man called "AJ". 


At the time I met AJ, the information he gave seemed to surpass by far all that I had learned previously in any study course, seminar, private reading, or reference book. 


But ......





Updated 2012, 2014 and 2015.


In early March 2009 I came across the teachings of Alan John "AJ" Miller (a resident of Queensland). AJ claimed that he had previously "passed over" and had now returned (reincarnated) with increasingly full memories of his previous life as well as his life in the Spirit World.


I have since come to believe that there is a lot of error mixed in with what AJ teaches, although much of what he says agrees with other sources of spiritual growth. 


There were a number of very negative TV stories during 2011 labelling AJ as an evil cult leader and insinuating or claiming many other serious problems with his teachings. In nearly every instance these criticisms were lies or gross distortions. Although I have since then come to reject AJ's claims about who he is, and to reject much of what he teaches, I would still class most of the TV coverage as biased and distorted.


However, I now believe that he and his followers are a cult; but whether AJ does this deliberately or through delusional beliefs I cannot say.


Naturally, many (if not most) who hear him have difficulty believing that he could have reincarnated. And the fact that he claims to be JESUS reincarnated makes it even harder to believe. But he is a very convincing orator and much of what he said seemed plausible. So, for a time, I chose to believe him. By 2012 I was increasingly doubting AJ's claims and his method of emotional processing. 


Much of what AJ teaches is consistent with the Padgett messages, apart from his teachings on emotional processing and the reincarnation of himself and 13 others. The emotional processing is very much in accord with progressive modern practices. An example is the method used by John Bradshaw in his book "Homecoming". Another is the work of Margaret Paul, Ph.D. and Erika Chopich, Ph.D. which they call "Inner-bonding" (see their website). 


The teachings of AJ were the most plausible and coherent that I had seen. However, it is curious that AJ used the Padgett messages as a basis for his teachings, yet those same messages repeatedly stated that reincarnation is impossible.


So I started reading the Padgett messages. Fairly quickly I realised that it was not necessary to believe in or follow AJ. The Padgett messages answer most questions we might have about most spiritual topics. I am not asking that you believe them; but if you are a seeker of truth, love and happiness, then you owe it to yourself to examine them very closely. They could be the most important ideas that you have ever come across.


Some were from Jesus and many were from other famous people in history including many of the people from the bible. The consistent message from all of them was that Jesus was never God, and never claimed to be God. These channelled messages are available on line for free (see new-birth) or can be purchased in book form. These messages show that much of what is in the bible is false and also gives a very erroneous picture of God, Jesus, redemption, and salvation. As well, the bible grossly distorts the actual message that Jesus came to preach and did teach.


For most of my life I have been seeking The Truth of existence - not so much 'how" but "why". I have resisted being locked permanently into any one belief system as I see that to be a limitation. It would be presumptuous of any human to consider that they hold the entire Truth. There is always more to learn. 


When I first came across AJ I saw some similarities between his teachings and the information I had enjoyed 10 years earlier in the CWG books. But on closer examination there is a huge difference: in CWG, God is a Universal Intelligence; in the Padgett messages (and the AJ material), God is a personal Being who desires a close personal relationship with each of us.


So, at this stage I base my beliefs primarily on the messages Padgett received. And for that I have AJ to thank; for without his charisma I would not have been willing to look so far outside my boundaries. 


The best website that I have come across for information about Padgett is here. It is the work of a gentle, generous man in NSW Australia. He has done immense research into the whole story of Padgett and many related topics and gives access to many other more recent channellings.





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