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More detail on Padgett
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As I said, in the Padgett messages, God is a personal Being who desires a close personal relationship with each of us. This central concept does not conflict with the beliefs of the mainline churches. However, the Padgett messages insist that God has no anger, wrath, jealousy, or need for punishment in his being. Hence a permanent Hell is not possible. Hence the mainline churches are in serious error. 


The basic message given to Padgett is:


The Spirit World is not a place with just two fixed locations - Heaven and Hell. It is a place of continuous growth and progress - not dissimilar to Earth in that respect. There are many Levels or Spheres within the Spirit World, and spirits (as well as humans) attain these levels as they progress in the love of God. Most people who "pass over" go to the First Sphere which itself has many thousands of planes. The lowest planes are indescribably worse than what we would think of as "Hell"; while the higher planes would correspond to our view of Heaven. But that is just the First Sphere. There are many, many Spheres beyond that, each more beautiful beyond our imaginings.


Those who have lived lives out-of-harmony with God's love go to the lowest levels of the First Sphere. But their stay there is not permanent and the soul can move on at any time that it decides to accept God's love. However, in practice, those who have been particularly "evil", such as Nero or Hitler, tend to stay in these "hells" for many centuries or millennia because they cannot believe in a loving, personal God.


Spirits and humans can follow one of two paths:- 

The Natural Love (NL) Path - those who believe in an impersonal God and use intelligence to achieve all their progression. They are self-reliant. They seek unlimited intellectual knowledge and moral perfection. The CWG belief follows this path. Buddha and most "eastern" religions would be on the NL path. So too would be many modern-day scientists.

The Divine Love (DL) Path - those who believe in a very Personal God and seek to grow in the love of that wondrous Being. They are God-reliant. They earnestly desire to receive God's Love and constantly seek more of it. They subjugate their intellect to their soul aspirations.


Additional information:


The Padgett messages show that, in general, those spirits on the NL path take about a minimum of 100 earth years to progress from one sphere to the next, and there are only six spheres for them. Whereas, those on the DL path can take only months to move from sphere to sphere, and the number of spheres is unlimited. However, many rigid believers in a particular religion/creed take decades and centuries to move beyond the First or Second Spheres.


It is a sad fact that the vast majority of all spirits choose to follow the Natural Love path. Some are under the misguided belief that only by personal effort can we be redeemed. Some believe that the death of Jesus saved them so there is nothing for them to do. Some want to remain "in control" so they refuse to accept a peronal God. Others become so disillusioned to find that the spirit world is not like what the bible says it will be, that they choose to believe that a loving, personal God does not exist. 


Spirits from any of the planes or any Sphere can communicate with humans at any time and many communications are from spirits in the higher Spheres. The more advanced souls can even assume human form. The writings of Neale Walsch (CWG) possibly were from a soul in the Second Sphere. This soul was on the Natural Love path and believed that God is an impersonal "energy" of which we are all part. Hence he could claim in near honesty to "be" God.


Other "divine" messages such as those of the Mormons, Islam, many Christian sects, and most other religious writings, started with "inspirations" (channellings) from high level souls on the Natural Love path who also believed that they were (part of) God. They were loving and trying to help, and partially honest, but because they refuse to accept the basic premise of Divine Truth that God's Love is personal they all teach error of some sort. 


All channellings and mental or verbal communications from the other side are from spirits and never directly from God. That includes all the Old Testament messages. In fact the vast majority of current-day messages channelled through professional Mediums are from spirits in the First Sphere (spirits who do not know of the DL path). Hence the level and quality of their messages is very limited.


In addition, souls in the First Sphere, particularly those in the lower levels, frequently "attach" themselves to humans who are compatible. This is done as they seek to recreate emotions and sensations that they remember from earth. The extreme form of this is what we describe as "possession". Such attachment or possession is only possible where the human's soul is in a similar condition to that of the dark spirit.


All of us have a multitude of spirit souls surrounding us at all times. Some are just curious; others, out of love, seek to help (but they could be still on the Natural Love Path). And if we are very much out of harmony with God's love, others could be malevolent souls seeking some form of self-gratification by using our negative emotions. The spirits who accompany us will be those whose soul qualities are similar to our own.


Spirit interaction with humans is far more common than we realise; in fact it is continuous and constant. Many people unwittingly allow themselves to be heavily influenced by spirits from the lower levels and most of these are still on the Natural Love path. Spirits on the Divine Love path never possess or unduly influence humans with whom they interact. All their interactions are based on Divine Love and always respect our free will. 


Reincarnation (in the sense of the eastern traditions) was previously a firm belief of mine. The Padgett messages repeatedly state that no-one has ever reincarnated. In fact the spirits did not believe it to be possible. All evidence of so-called reincarnation is simply due to Spirit Souls giving us images of the life that they lived. This applies to all déjà-vu experiences. There have been many DL channellings since Padgett and, without exception, they state that there can be no reincarnation, ever. One reliable message specifically states that AJ is in error. 


I now choose to stay with the messages given to Padgett. These are simple and I accept them as unquestionably accurate and reliable. They give me a strong basis for my spiritual beliefs and my life path. However, many of my family and associates do not accept the beliefs which I hold.


I suspect that this could be due to any of several reasons:

  a)  they are not prepared to investigate thoroughly the messages, possibly through indifference; or

  b)  they simply reject them, believing them to be the illusions of a man as deluded as AJ appears to be; or

  c)  they hold opposing beliefs so strongly that they are not prepared to examine a contrary opinion.


In order to accept the content of the Padgett messages, one has to be willing to change preconceived ideas (and this is not easy for many people). I am willing to debate with anyone the logical reasonableness of the Padgett truths about the spirit world, reincarnation and similar matters. However, it does not matter if you disagree with the stated material. Anyone, no matter what they believe, can receive Love from God if they ask sincerely from the heart (soul).


It occurs to me that a committed Christian may try to use bible quotations to disprove the Padgett messages. This is patently illogical as there is no external proof that the bible is true, accurate or reliable. Just because people have believed in the bible for 1500 years does not make it true. Using a quotation from a book to prove the book is true, is foolish. In the same way one cannot use a quotation from Padgett to prove his messages are real and true - there needs to be some external point of reference.


There are many people who will not accept that spirit communications could be real. In my limited research it seems that there are several possible reasons for people adopting this stance:

1.  There have been so many cases of fraud or duplicity with mediums that       all communications are automatically debunked. This is illogical. Just           because there are thousands of dishonest lawyers, this does not mean         that all are dishonest.

2.  The mainline Churches have, for centuries, taught their adherents that         any communication from the dead is a Devil and must be discarded.
     This is a very effective method to control the masses and ensure that           the creeds dictated by those in authority are never questioned.

3.  Many people do not want to accept that their lifelong beliefs could be           wrong (as this would seem to invalidate their entire life purpose), so             they reject all contrary opinions as hallucination or charlatans or frauds.

4.  The total skeptics seem to take the stance that their belief is 
     unquestionably true. Hence any supposed proof of spirit communication       or existence MUST be a sham and the people involved are either frauds         or delusional. Ergo, all the "scientific experiments" are not believable.


It is patently obvious to a serious-minded person that each of the above four is unreasonable and illogical. (Look what the Church did to Copernicus and Galileo).


Victor Zammit, a former Sydney lawyer and barrister, has investigated the scientific proofs that there is an after-life. He has published his findings in a book and on his website. He gives so much evidence supporting the after-life, that I find it hard to believe that any open-minded person could possibly doubt the reality:


You must make your own choice. I am not trying to insist that you believe any or all of the information I give. I simply want to be a source of help to anyone who wants or needs it.


Some examples of the Padgett messages are given in the "Messages" link above. There is some info on the Messages page itself, plus there are six sub-pages.



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