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The main Truths given to James Padgett



The principal Truths revealed to Padgett during the 9 years he
received messages, before his death, are given just 
after this short introduction


If you are a Christian and believe in the truth of the bible, many of the following statements will seem outrageous. But I ask that, before you dismiss these statements outright, you read the testimony and my story.



God is a real Being; not in a form we know, but real nonetheless. God has no gender. The primary quality of God is Love. Anyone who shares this Love shares in God's nature and eventually becomes immortal. 


It is not important that you accept the following information.
You can continue to believe in the infallibility of the bible; you can accept the Trinity, the Virgin Birth and all the other matters mentioned below.

Your religious or mental beliefs will not inhibit the flow of God's love to you, provided that you are truly open to receive this gift.


What IS important is to ask God for his Love. You can do this through your church rituals, or any other method that suits you. But the prayer must be from your heart not just from the mind. A ritual prayer said mechanically, or said through obligation, is not true prayer.


Also, it does not matter which religion you choose to follow. A Muslim, a Hindu, a Buddist, a Catholic, an Anglican, any Christian, can all find God and receive His Love if they simply ask from their heart. God does not care by what name you call Him.


That said, Padgett received message after message which insisted that the following matters were errors which had crept into Christianity and other religions. If you cannot accept these ideas as truth, relax; the only important concept is that God is Love and wants to share that Love with ALL humans. And He will share it with anyone who asks.


Padgett may have been the first "modern" person to channel messages but in the last 50-100 years there have been numerous channellings from all sorts of people to a great variety of mediums. In the main all these channelled messages support what was given to Padgett.


However, it is important to realise that EVERY medium will influence the accuracy of the messages he/she receives, albeit unconsciously. The beliefs, the knowledge, the experiences and the perceptions of the medium will somewhat influence the way he "hears" the message. This accounts for many of the slight differences in the content of messages. 


In recent decades there has been a vast amount of research done on the bible, both by scientific researchers and by biblical scholars. This research frequently confirms much of what was given to Padgett, but it also raises many areas of conflicting opinions, which probably further demonstrates that we cannot blindly accept everythng that is in the bible.


Padgett was a strict Methodist, but he eventually came to accept that much of what is in the bible is false or very inaccurate; or the interpretations are false. Given his strong religious beliefs this was quite difficult for him.

If the bible contains many inaccuracies then religious beliefs based on the bible can be grossly in error, and the doctrines of the many Christian churches are generally grossly in error.



The main Truths revealed to Padgett are:

  • Jesus was not God and is not God. He never claimed to be God. This was interpolated later by the Church.

  • Jesus was born naturally of Mary, and Joseph was his father. Jesus was the first of eight children (James “the lesser” was his younger brother).

  • Jesus does not sit at the right hand of God and he will NOT be there to welcome all the believers who pass. Nor will we automatically pass to the biblical “Heaven”.

  • There is no Trinity; God is a single Entity, one, whole and entire within himself.

  • God has no negative qualities, such as wrath, anger, frustration, disappointment, etc. He cannot make a mistake.

  • Jesus did not die for our sins; neither his death, nor his blood, nor his "resurrection" can expiate our sins. (His body never "resurrected"; his earth body died but his spirit body lived on. It was this spirit body which later appeared to his friends).

  • Each person must suffer in himself the full consequences of his own lack of love.

  • Every human must die and immediately becomes a spirit. They then go to a place which their life has created for them – based on their love or lack thereof.

  • There is no Hell and no Devil. But there are many hells and the degree of suffering depends on the life we lead here. But everyone will eventually progress out of these hells; it is their choice as to how quickly they progress. (Nero took 1500 years before he started to progress. Caesar took almost 2000 years).

  • There is no Heaven. But there are many levels of heavens, and we can progress continually throughout eternity if we so choose.

  • The Spirit World is comprised of Spheres or Dimensions. These are unnumbered above the 10th Sphere. The first six spheres are called the Natural Love Spheres or the Spiritual Kingdom. The 7th is a transitional Sphere. All those from #8 on are called Celestial Spheres. Only those who ask for and receive Divine Love can enter the 7th and succeeding Spheres.

  • There are two pathways of progression in the Spirit World. The most common (and the slowest) is the Natural Love (NL) path – chosen by two-thirds of all those who become Spirits. These spirits choose to advance in intellectual and moral pursuits. They choose to be self-reliant. As a rough guide it usually takes about 100 years to progress from one Sphere to another. Nearly all the leaders & adherents of the Eastern philosophies are spirits on this path.

  • The NL spirits believe that God is an Energy or force and that they are part of God.


  • There is no punishment in the spirit world. What happens is an effect caused by what a human did while alive. (We reap what we sow).

  • What causes us pain in the spirit world is the memory of every unloving deed, thought or word during our earthly life. These memories are detailed in the extreme and we must feel the pain of the suffering we caused to any and every person. This is called the Law of Compensation. It is the path those on the Natural Love path follow and can take centuries.

  • Having progressed along this path the spirit arrives at the 6th Sphere which is equivalent to the state Adam & Eve were in, in the Garden of Eden.


  • Sadly, those on the NL path can never progress beyond the 6th Sphere – unless they become willing to move to the other path, called the “Divine Love” (DL) path.


  • The DL path is for those who believe that God is a Person/Being/Entity; and He wants to shower His love on us and wants us to love Him wholeheartedly. These people rely on God and seek soul development rather than intellectual development.


  • If we accept the reality of a personal God and rely on Him and we sincerely ask for His Love He will grant it. As this Love enters our soul it begins rapidly to wipe away the memories of our sins.

  • Because this Love wipes away the memories, the need to spend years of agony in Compensation are removed and we can progress rapidly through the spheres.

  • It seems that once started on this DL path, spirits progress through the first seven spheres in months or perhaps one or two years. This contrasts markedly with the centuries which the NL path normally takes.

  • In practice what mostly happens is that spirits on the NL path spend most time in Spheres 2 and 4, and very little time in 3 or 5. They end in Sphere 6 and cannot progress further. Although they can progress within that Sphere.

  • Spirits on the DL path spend most time in 3 and 5, before jumping to 7 and then 8.

  • When we realise that the level of happiness/bliss in each Sphere progresses geometrically, then the benefits of progression are immense. (Geometric progression means it goes at least  x, 2x, 4x, 8x, 16x, 32x, 64x, 128x). That is, the 8th Sphere is 60 times more wonderful than the 2nd Sphere).(The 12th would be 2000x, and the 14th would be 8000x, using rounded numbers)

  • Progression on the DL path is possible (and desirable) for us while still on earth.

  • The reception of God’s Love depends on our own free will. If we make a choice for God and pray earnestly from the soul (not from the intellect) – that is, from the emotions – we will receive His Love.

  • There exists a Law of Progression which means that eventually every soul will progress either to the 6th Sphere on the NL path, or will progress eternally on the DL path. Progress and change is inevitable.

  • To be “born again” means to be filled with God’s own Love. This is completed when we pass from the 7th to the 8th Sphere.

  • Spirits are in continual communication with all humans although we humans do not realise it and frequently do not admit it. If we were open enough and spiritually developed we could hear and see spirits.





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