"Nothing is missing - it's just in forms we don't recognise. When we do recognise what we have, we act as if we have it and achieve results accordingly."         John Demartini 

What is NLP?


Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), despite its intimidating name, is simply a blend of three disciplines into one process or science. It is used to model excellence in any area of human behaviour. This allows anyone to restructure the way they think and hence change their responses and behaviours. These changes, that used to take years, can now occur within hours or minutes.


The three components of NLP are: 


  •   Neuro - the body's nervous system taking in "reality" through the five senses.

  •   Linguistic - using language and non-verbal communication to guide others to     change.

  •   Programming - installing new thought patterns in the mind to re-program it       for optimal performance.


During the formative years our neurology gets programmed to process in a certain manner the information about personal experience which we receive via the five senses. This programming is due to culture, family, values, beliefs, etc. But it is not always the best program for achieving success. 


So, when we become aware of some ineffectiveness in ourselves, we can, using NLP, replace our program with one modelled on high achievers. Using a competent NLP coach is the ideal way to do this. Over the years NLP has developed a wide range of tools and techniques to empower a person to achieve greater success in all areas of life. 


This is where I come in. By skillful use of various processes, I can help you discover what is the root cause of your dis-empowerment. Then, applying one or more of the many tools available I can help you to move from limitation to success and through to true personal excellence. 


NLP enables you to set personal goals more effectively, and then achieve them more quickly than ever before. In other words, you can do more of what you want, get more, know more, and especially, be more of who you want to be. 


NLP can be applied literally to any area of life: relationships, health, business, leadership, personal fulfilment, goal setting, sport, career, education, business communication, wealth-building, etc. There are no limits. Everyone who chooses can benefit from applying it to their life. 


Every experience of our life is processed by our senses, coded by our neurology and given meaning. This coding affects how we experience the world around us. It affects all communication and behaviour. It is always expressed in language - either verbal or non-verbal. So NLP uses linguistics to discover and, if necessary to change, the mind's internal strategies. Thus the mind can be programmed to achieve desired outcomes. 


In Summary 


NLP is the process of understanding how the brain operates in achieving goals and outcomes and applying this knowledge in suitable situations. 


NLP is a means by which people reliably achieve goals and communicate more effectively. 


NLP is understanding and using the language of the mind to consistently achieve specific and desired outcomes for ourselves and others.


By applying this powerful communication technique, you can benefit from long lasting changes in your life immediately by: 


  •     Changing unwanted behaviours 

  •     Controlling the way you feel, 

  •     Having a positive mental attitude. 

  •     Increasing your self-esteem 

  •     Overcoming the effects of past negative experiences 

  •     Changing your negative beliefs to the ones which would really                 benefit you 

  •     Focusing on the goals and channelling your energy into achieving           them 

  •     Performing at your best 


What's more, NLP techniques and principles will enable you to deal with problematic situations in a creative, resourceful way. NLP places emphasis on doing more than just knowing. 


When would now be a good time to take action to change your life ... ?? 

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