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A Lawyer Presents the Evidence
for the Afterlife

A book written by Victor Zammit, Lawyer and

 Barrister with the Supreme Court of NSW, the the High Court of Australia

What follows is my summary of the above book, highlighting what I think are some prominent cases or experiments that demonstrate that spirits can and do communicate with us. The book has nothing to do with Padgett or any of the many channellings which I think are dramatically important.  But I see the book as important since it is a non-religious, unbiased, objective look at many thousands of situations where deceased humans (now "spirits") give messages to family or friends; or they actually materialise in front of family members.


The consistent theme of their messages is that they are still "alive"; in fact they feel more alive then when they had a mortal body. They have a world or dimension where they live and that world is even more real than our mortal world.


But the content of the messages is not really relevant to my purpose here. If a deceased person is able to speak, or write, or materialise in the presence of still-alive humans, then it proves that death is not the end. There is life beyond the grave. A very real form of life that these spirits say is more "real" than what we know in this mortal life. All that happens is that our mortal body is left behind and we continue to exist with a spirit body.


So here is my summary of the book.

Direct quotes from Victor Zammit:


“If you have been trained to respect scientific method you will not just accept tradition or wishful thinking. You want something that can be supported by evidence. You want highly reliable information as to whether or not we continue to live in the afterlife.”


“This book presents highly convincing evidence amounting to proof for the existence of the afterlife. It concentrates on evidence that is credible, repeatable and admissible in a court of law.”


“There is undeniable scientific evidence today for the afterlife. I am a former practicing attorney-at-law, formally qualified with a number of university degrees. I am also an open-minded skeptic.”


“The argument in this book is not just an abstract, theoretical, academic legal argument. After many years of serious investigation I am stating that the evidence taken as a whole constitutes overwhelming and irrefutable proof for the existence of the afterlife.”


“Using my professional background and my university training, I have very carefully selected aspects of psychic research and afterlife knowledge that would constitute

objective evidence. This evidence would be technically admissible in the Supreme Court of the United States, the House of Lords in England, the High Court of Australia and in every civilized legal jurisdiction around the world.”




The author then goes through almost 20 different types of psychic experiences, each of which has verifiable data proving some form of spirit contact. It is probably important to remember that if only ONE case (among the hundreds of thousands of recorded cases) is shown to be true then the reality of the after-life is proved. But in fact the author shows that many thousands of phenomena have been demonstrated to be correct, repeatable, and factual. Thus he says that the reality of an after-life is irrefutable. The author and scientist friends and other highly reputable people were physically present and witnesses of many of the events mentioned.


Materialisation experiences by the author and his wife. Materialisation is where a spirit is able to take material form and present itself to the people present. The spirit can walk around, touch visitors, speak, move objects and relate otherwise unknown information. The séance takes place in total darkness. For 15 months the author and his wife attended weekly “sittings” of medium David Thompson, in company with a variety of other reputable witnesses. They examined tape recordings of the medium’s sessions from ten years before they met him. They then continued to attend sessions for the next five years and travelled with him internationally. More details of their actual experiences is given later.


The medium who is the centre of this séance is tightly gagged and bound hand and foot to a heavy wooden chair. His gag and binds are secured with one-way cable ties which have to be removed with wire cutters.


Generally when the session finishes they find that the chair has been moved several metres. Several times they witnessed the chair (with the medium) lifted high in the air for 3-4 minutes. They recorded the medium and the spirits conversing (yet the medium remained gagged). One recording had seven different voices (spirits) talking.


Near-Death Experiences (NDE’s)

These generally occur when a person loses consciousness as a result of a medical emergency or an accident, and are revived by CPR. They can also occur while a patient is being operated on. There are about 14 different characteristics of NDE’s which do not occur with hallucinations or other imagined events.

  1. Survivors have clear and structured memories of what happened to them. Most people who survive CPR are very confused and often amnesiac. The exact opposite is true of those who have a NDE – they can describe in minute detail what happened.

  2. People see and hear things while they are unconscious that would be impossible for normal sensing. They can describe what happened to them, who was present, what was discussed.
    One patient described the post-it notes which were left on the monitor of the doctor’s computer in the operating room. These were put up every time someone left a message for the doctor. But there had been no messages and no post-it notes before the patient’s operation had started. There was no way the patient could have seen the computer from where he was.

  3. People describe meeting with a relative whom they did not know was dead – in fact often the relative died only minutes before the meeting.
    One five year old girl told how she had been with a brother she did not know she had. The boy had died before the girl was born.

  4. People return from a NDE with facts they did not know before.
    One man found himself out of his body while unconscious as a result of an accident. He went to the hospital next door where a friend’s wife had just given birth to a daughter. The baby was crying and he was able to see that her hip was broken. He mentally communicated with her and she told him that her hip had been broken shortly after her birth when a nurse had dropped the child. Several days later, when he recovered enough to speak, his first words warned the doctors about the child with the broken hip. The doctors took X-rays of the child and all the facts were confirmed.

  5. Some people are cured of fatal illnesses, or have miraculous recoveries from injuries. Mellen Thomas-Benedict was in the last stages of dying from terminal brain cancer in 1982. He died and for an hour and a half his body was monitored showing no vital signs. Miraculously, he returned to his body after having a full NDE. X-rays taken then showed that the tumour had completely disappeared.

  6. The totally blind can see during a NDE.

  7. Some people have a NDE when they are completely brain dead. (It is not possible to hallucinate or have any brain activity while brain-dead).
    Pam Reynolds needed a risky operation to correct a weak point in the wall of a blood vessel in her brain. For over an hour she was clinically dead. Her temperature was lowered to 15ºC, her heartbeat and brain activity were stopped and her blood was circulated through a machine. There was no way that she could see anything as her eyes were taped shut. She could not hear anything as her ears were covered with plastic caps and sounds measuring 90 decibels were continually fed into them.
    Yet after her heart was restarted and her body heated up, she reported that she had been able to see, hear, and feel what was going on. She said that it was like sitting on the shoulder of the doctor. She described details of her surgery which were later verified.


Physic Ability the next area that Zammit examines.

This includes Telepathy, Clairvoyance, Precognition, Psychic Healing and more.


In 1997, Dean Radin, PhD published a new book called “The Conscious Universe; the scientific Truth of Psychic Phenomena”. It analyzes the overwhelming scientific evidence for psychic abilities. It was based on experiments by professionals at Stanford Research Institute who examined all experiments with psychic phenomena done from 1973 to 1988 at the institute. There were more than 26,000 separate trials in experiments conducted over 16 years. The statistical analysis of these results showed that psychic phenomena had been demonstrated to exist with odds against chance of more than a billion-billion to one.


The author says “Materialists continue to deny the existence of telepathy even though it has been tested and proved in controlled scientific experiments for almost 130 years.”

Writing Mediums forms another large area of evidence. The medium allows their hand to be used by a spirit to write. Sometimes they write at incredibly fast speeds and even sometimes in languages that are unknown to them, and frequently about subjects completely outside their knowledge. 

Chico Xavier (1910-2002) from Brazil had very poor eyesight and only a very basic primary education. Yet he would sit with a pencil in his hand and his eyes closed. He would then write pages of hand written books, always without a mistake, on highly spiritual subjects. It is reported that using this method he produced more than 100,000

pages of spirit writing which was published in 412 books, including some in foreign languages in which he was not fluent. In addition he wrote thousands of letters to grieving parents whose children had died.

(The messages given to James Padgett which form the basis for this website, were all written without him knowing what he was writing and at speeds faster than normally possible. However, Padgett's messages did not come within the ambit of Zammit's explorations.)


Remote Viewing is another field that has been used scientifically. The US military admits that for 20 years it had a budget of $70,000,000 for research in this area. Definitive proof is hard to obtain, but China, Russia, and the USA continue to invest heavily in this field.


The practitioners of this field have been able to locate lost planes, describe in detail, military installations in Russia and elsewhere, discover mineral deposits, find sunken ships.


From 1981 to 1995, five different US government-sponsored scientific review committees were given the task of reviewing the evidence for psychic phenomena. All five of the reviews concluded that the experimental evidence for certain forms of psychic phenomena merited serious scientific study.


Deathbed Visions and After-Death Contacts are two areas where there is a lot of recorded evidence.

People close to death often have visions of loved ones that are already dead, calming them and telling them that they are waiting for them.

Often, soon after a loved one has died, family or friends will get signs that the dead person is trying to contact them. The contact can include: hearing their voice, feeling their touch, smelling an aroma associated with them, seeing a vision of them, meeting them in an OBE, even receiving a telephone call, and having electrical appliances turn on & off.


Physic Detectives is a very interesting field. There are numerous cases where the police have asked mediums to help in their investigations and the mediums have been able to solve the crimes.

The TV series “Sensing Murder” ran in Australia for several years (2003-2005 ?) then in NZ (2006-2010?); there was also a USA version. Each episode has two psychics independently try to solve or explain unsolved murders from years before. The psychics have no details at all of the case. Generally they are given a photo of the victim but they mostly choose to ignore that until they have formed a solid communication – this includes gender, age, name, place and manner of death. Then they have to locate the exact place of death and explain how it happened. In every episode both psychics are able to find the correct location, and describe in great detail all the events surrounding the death, including details about the perpetrator/s; sometimes they are able to actually give the name of the killer but this is suppressed on air until police have investigated.


There are literally dozens of cases around the world (and described on the internet) where psychics have been able to solve previously unsolved murders. In many cases their information has enabled police to make arrests and procure convictions. Many of these true-life cases have been presented on the US TV show “Psychic Detective”. One famous case was the death of four people in a flower-shop in NY. Police investigations led nowhere; so police called on psychic Phil Jordan. He was able to produce 10 pieces of factual evidence that led to the arrest and conviction of three murderers who are now serving 100 years each.







There are ten further areas which Zammit examines and I have placed them on a separate page called "Zammit 2" These topics are:

       Trance Mediums                                      Materialisation

       Cross-Correspondences                          Helen Duncan

       Physical Mediumship                               Voices on Tape

      The Scole Experiment                               Instrumental Trans-Communication 

       Voice Mediums                                         The Ouija Board, Poltergeists,                                                                                                                                  Xenoglossy

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