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Zammit (continued)

Trance Mediums is the next area examined.  These are mediums who go into trance and transmit messages from deceased souls to those present  at the “séance”. Mrs Leonora Piper (1857-1950) was a very famous medium who was investigated by several professors and skeptics and no-one was ever able to show any evidence of fraud by her. Yet for decades she transmitted accurate information that she could not have known, to people whom she had never previously met. Every skeptic that investigated her eventually became a confirmed believer in the afterlife. Dr. Richard Hodgson had been an extreme skeptic but after extensive investigation of Mrs Piper wrote a 300-page report saying
“I cannot profess to have any doubt but that the chief ‘communicators’ [deceased souls] are veritably the personalities that they claim to be, that they have survived the change we call death, and that they have directly communicated with us whom we call living, through Mrs Piper.”


Another famous medium was Mrs Gladys Osbourne Leonard (1882-1968). There were literally thousands of cases in which she or Mrs Piper was tested and no-one ever found evidence of fraud.


Mrs. Eileen Garrett (1893–1970) and George Chapman (1921-2006) were two other famous mediums who produced amazing results demonstrating that the deceased continue to survive after death and are able to communicate with us living mortals. For 60 years, Chapman put himself into trance and then Dr Lang, a former eye specialist, would use him to perform “spirit operations” using no physical contact or a very light touch. Many famous people were among the ones cured and at least one book has been written about the cases.

The Cross-Correspondences is a particular form of medium writing. It is not easy to understand or follow but is considered one of the most convincing pieces of evidence of the after-life. Cross-Correspondences is a series of messages to different mediums in different parts of the world that on their own would mean nothing, but which when put together would make sense. The experiment went on for more than 30 years and produced more than 3000 scripts which fill some 24 volumes and 12,000 pages.


The initial transmissions were from F. W. H. Myers (1843-1901) and later from some of his colleagues who also died. More than a dozen different writing mediums in different countries began receiving a series of incomplete scripts from Myers (and, later, from others).


The scripts were all about unusual classical subjects and did not make sense on their own. But the mediums were told to contact a central address and send the scripts there. When the scripts were put together they fitted like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. The writing mediums used by Myers and the others from the afterlife were not highly educated and all the messages transmitted were outside their learnt knowledge and experience. (e.g. One message was about ‘mind-body relationship’, ‘epiphenomenalism’ and ‘interactionism’)!!

Physical Mediumship occurs when the spirit produces phenomena that can be seen, heard or felt by everyone present. It is a very rare form of mediumship that usually takes years to develop. Laboratory experiments have been done around this form of spirit interaction in order to ensure that no form of fraud or dishonesty is involved. Normally the medium is seated in a closed cubicle in a darkened room, blind-folded, bound, gagged and tied to the chair. The visitors all hold hands during the entire séance so that nobody can fake results.


Furniture has been moved, the chair with the medium has been lifted more than a metre in the air and moved around the room, spirits have materialised and been seen, and frequently voices have been recorded including that of the medium. On one occasion seven spirits and the medium were recorded conversing, yet the medium was gagged.


These types of séances have been repeated many times under controlled conditions in locations not revealed to the medium beforehand. Dozens of highly credible witnesses have independently given testimony that corroborated the facts of the experiments. Scientists in UK, Europe, USA, Canada and Brazil have been able to reproduce many of the original experiments.

The Scole Experiment is a special case of Physical mediumship. It involved 500 sittings over six years, 1992-1998. The investigators who participated include numerous Doctors, professors, scientists, from many world renowned universities, and a host of other credible witnesses, all experienced in investigating the paranormal.


The spirits who communicated through the mediums, materialised more than 50 objects, including a small rose quartz crystal ball, a 1940 British penny, a 1928 one franc piece token, original copies of The Daily Mail dated 1 April, 1944, and an original copy of The Daily Express dated 28 May, 1945. The paper was tested and found to be genuine.


Photographs were taken on new, blank rolls of film. The images included people and places from the past; places and beings from other dimensions. Eventually videos were taken of spirit beings. A Report of the experiment was published and is available for purchase. The authors challenged anyone to reproduce the same results fraudulently under similar conditions. Nobody has ever attempted to meet the challenge.

Voice Mediums is another form of physical communication. The spirit speaks “through” the medium, in the spirit’s own voice but without using the vocal chords of the medium.


John Sloan & Arthur Findley; Leslie Flint, Emily French & Edward Randall are some famous examples.

Materialisation is perhaps the most convincing form of mediumship. During a closed, locked séance, a spirit materialises, walks around touching people, making jokes, and talking about the spirit world. The author and his wife were present on more than 200 occasions where this phenomenon occurred. People who died months or years before, appear, talk with their loved ones, share memories of the past. The medium was David Thompson. Some information about him and some of his cases is available on


Tom Harrison witnessed 1500 materialisations between 1946-1954 and wrote a book about them Life after Death - Living Proof. He also made a video Visitors from the Other Side.

Helen Duncan was a famous and magnificent materialisation medium from Scotland who was unjustly charged and convicted of fraudulent mediumship. During WW2 she reunited many deceased servicemen with their grieving families. But she also brought through information that had not been released to the public. The sinking of HMS Hood, and HMS Barham were two items. So the authorities were afraid she could release information about  the coming invasion of Europe. Helen was a frail woman with six children and a disabled husband but the Admiralty succeeded in having her jailed for nine months.


This, despite the fact that over 300 witnesses of the highest credibility, including a RAF Wing Commander swore on oath in court that there no fraud and all her séances were genuine. Helen was eventually released and resumed her mediumship. She died in 1956. The author has an article on this injustice on his website:

Voices on Tape: For decades blank recording devices have been turned to “record” and only on playback can one hear voices, generally from a person known to the recording person. These results have been reproduced in laboratories under the strictest control conditions. On one occasion experiments were conducted in soundproof studios to filter out stray broadcasts. In the space of 27 minutes, some 200 voices were received.


The original recordings occurred in 1959 by chance. A scientist who followed up this research recorded 72,000 voices and in 1971 published his findings in the book “Breakthrough”.

Instrumental Trans-Communication (ITC):  voices and/or pictures recorded on radio stations or TV stations. This has occurred since about 1983. It is being thoroughly investigated in scientific laboratories around the world. Since the early 1990’s, computers have been used to leave scanned images and text. People have also answered the telephone and heard the voice of someone already dead.


A leading researcher in this field is Sonia Rinaldi (Brazil). She has helped people who have lost a child by arranging for the parents to call with 10 pre-prepared questions. Sonia connects the phone through her computer and records the entire conversation. No voices are heard during the phone call but when the recording is replayed it contains answers to the questions.

The Ouija Board, Poltergeists, Xenoglossy  (writing in a language you have never learned) are other areas which The author examines.


The author then summarises the total evidence, and also sums up the arguments of sceptics. The overwhelming weight of evidence proves beyond reasonable doubt that spirits exist and that they communicate with us and that there exists another dimension in which they live.

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